March 28, 2015

2 More Revlon Lippies

I thought I'm completely a blush girl until I made contact with a "real" change my makeup life.

For years, I lean on different kinds of lip balm: colorless, tinted or those "magic" type that changes color and dries my lips, and I was okay with it since I only use lips balms when I remember that I have them or when my lips are chapped.  And then I bought a legit lipstick but at the back of my head I always say that I'll just use it on special occasions or if I wanted to be not so ordinary which rarely happens.  Until came Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain...

Wait a minute, it's a balm not a lipstick (my whole life is a lie!).  I only know this now because the print on the tube was already erased.  I have the 001 Honey Douche which is a color that I'll never pick because it's a shade of pink but this was just given to me by my sister who thinks that it's more appropriate for me than on her (and she's right).

Yes it's pink but it's not the shouting kind of pink, it's more on the demure and not so girly side (why is this hard for me to explain, makeup reviewers/bloggers out there-HELP ME).  It's also close to my natural lip color so even a newbie like me can apply this without a mirror.  When I wanted to put some color to my tired looking face or spruce my no makeup makeup look, I usually grab this~it's an everyday-looking natural kind of lipstick.

Another lipstick that I got for free (it's from a hair dye) is this Revlon Colorburst  Lip Butter 063 Wild Watermenlon.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter is moisturizing and buttery so I'm not surprised that I'm halfway through with Fig Jam (a variant that darkens or adds depth/shadow when I use it on top of my other bright lipsticks).  The Wild Watermelon shade is like a demi lip stain and balm in the sense that it's not as buttery as the blank blank that I have but it is more staining.  I hope the above photo can explain this, I mean just look how liquidy it is compared to the Just Bitten.

I usually wear Wild Watermelon when I wanted to brighten my lips and maybe more often this summer because it's bright red orange (which I usually associate with something perky and colorful).

I'm happy that I have these two in my lipstick stash (I hope that makeup collection (dangerous words) will never occur to me) and even happier because I got them for free!


  1. What a nice lipstick from revlon. I really love their products.

    LifeCell Cleanser

  2. wow, sounds good for daily use/looks :) I'll have to try one!

  3. Awesome shades for summer! and its more moisturizing than lipsticks which is perfect for the hot weather :)

  4. k stupid question incoming -- when they say honey douche... douche as in taken from the term douche bag? lol! ok probably not but the name is funny to me in that sense hihi! i have wild watermelon too and i love it as much, kaso lang since i have discoloration on my lips its not so nice on me so i barely use it nowadays. sayang the color is soo beautiful.

    1. I hope it's mot that kind of douche ahahahah I hope it's the stream of water definition of douche. Sayang naman, kanda nga ng kulay paea ngang nakakaputi siya


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