July 5, 2012

Human ♥ Nature Products Quick Review

I already tried some Human ♥ Nature products way back 2009 and loved a few.  But I didn't reorder until this year because I don't know any distributor and their stores are far away from my place.  I am also not a fan of online shopping (they ship here in the Philippines and in the USA).  Today, many (I guess) got interested to venture into selling HHN products and so it's a little easier for me to get hold of what I want.

"Keep your baby’s skin nourished and moisturized with our 100% natural baby lotion. It’s made with both avocado andsunflower oils plus aloe vera to keep your baby’s baby-soft skin exactly that; oh-so baby soft!"

And yes, my skin is baby-soft in the morning after using this at night.  This milky white baby lotion has a faint smell of baby powder and is liquidity and runnier than an emulsion.

"Your lips need protection too! Our better-than-ever 100% natural lip balms are made only with the finest blend of cocoa butterbeeswax, and pure natural plant oils.Now you can experience a smoother, softer glide and mouth-watering natural flavors that’s sure to keep you reaching for your lip balm again and again...and again! It’s perfect for men too!"
Not as moisturizing as my medicated lip balm (I have to reapply after 4 hours) but the peppermint flavor gives instant refreshing feeling to my lips.

"Save your hair before its gone! Real pearls, one of the strongest creations of the ocean, can help fortify your hair to dramatically reduce hair fall! Beauty and strength! Plus, you can use it as a deeply invigorating body wash!"

It doesn't produce lots of bubbles but it surely leaves my hair squeaky clean. Shiny translucent white in color with a peppermint smell.

These products delivers the same way with the products readily available in groceries but the concept of using all natural products and supporting HHN's advocacy makes me wanna reorder even if I have to wait for several days.  Oh did I mention about the prices?  It's so affordable:

Baby Lotion:  P159 for 200ml

Peppermint Lip Balm:  P64.75
Strengthening Shampoo: P119.75 for 200ml
Sunflower Beauty Oil:  P249.75 for 100ml

Sunflower Beauty Oil; a definite must try!

"Do you believe in miracles? How about 20 in a single bottle?

Our premium and best-selling Sunflower Beauty Oil is 100% Natural and packed withvitamins A, D & E that help moisturize and nourish your skin to give it that healthy glow -- without any harmful chemicals. It’s so effective and so versatile, the uses are endless! What kind of miracles, you ask? Well for starters it…

  1. Softens and gives you lighter-looking underarms

  2. Helps lighten dark under eye circles

  3. Helps lighten darks spots and pimple marks

  4. Moisturizes under eye area

  5. Helps prevent and diminish the appearance of stretch marks

  6. Softens feet soles, knees and elbows

  7. Removes stubborn makeup

  8. Can be used as overall body moisturizer

  9. Moisturizes dry hair ends

  10. Softens cuticles

  11. De-frizzes hair

  12. Adds shine to dull hair

  13. Helps relieve itching and inflammation caused by insect bites

  14. Nourishes and conditions eyelashes

  15. Lightens dark lips

  16. Soothes skin after shaving

  17. Relieves itchy scalp

  18. Helps soothe sunburn

  19. Smoothens skin from shaving

  20. Helps soothe rashes

Is there anything our Beauty Oil can't do?"
My answer? None!!!  I am so impressed with this product, I have nothing more to say :)
Thanks for Reading.  Till Then.  Bye!

*photos from Human Heart Nature website


  1. I love the baby oil. It's like a lighter non-greasy version of the sunflower oil.

    Apart from the advocacy I also like that they are made in the philippines, using our resources. I think we're helping the environment somehow because of the carbon blueprint thing.

    1. correct and they also help gawad kalinga if I'm not mistaken, one of the many reasons why I like Human Nature


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