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Having a hard time looking for product descriptions of korean products sometime in the month of  May, I decided to blog about the research and my experiences to somehow help others, who like me, is also having a heart attack looking for the right description.

The blogger is a 20 something lateboomer who suddenly realized that it's time to be a dalaga. A girl who is still hiding in the closet (so i can't post my own pic here...).  Arya De Guzman is my blogger  name.

Dry and Sensitive.  I also have lots of skin allergies so scars and bumps are everywhere.

Black, thick and most of the time, straight.  There are parts that are curly and coarse.

This blog talks about cosmetics/skincare products, haul, travel, crafts, diy, food, music and other stuff that pops into the blogger's mind so expect it to be in a topsy turvy mode.

The main reason why this blog was created.
Talks all about the skincare and make-up products that I use.  Purely my thoughts, some might be unrelevant but most are (deceivingly) what I really think about a certain product and how it reacted to my skin or my life.

Adventure comes in many forms like food, craft, book, music, diy, and going to places:  this section covers all that were mention.

And if the above two doesn't want to accept the thought of a certain post, then it will go to this tab.  It consist mostly of my month ends and haul and more sudden topics!

Is also the chubby baker.  I'm currently addicted to baking and making sweets (and sometimes pictured as the witch in Hansel and Gretel) so I will be sharing the recipes that I tried here with some sidenotes. (this is now part of Food + Adventure)

All products reviewed are base on my opinion and personal experiences.  Products that works for me might not work for you.  Products and photos are by me unless specified.

You can use my photos and text as long as you ask my permission and properly credit and link my site.

For further questions, product reviews, sponsorship and collaboration,  you can email me at arya.deguzman@gmail.com


  1. Hi Arya! Thanks for all your product review. I'm a turning-30 late(r) bloomer. I just suddenly realized to be a dalaga (when the rest of my friends/former classmaters are now moms!), thus your product reviews help me a lot in deciding w/c make-up and skincare product to buy since I absolute know 0% about being a dalaga. :)

    1. wow, thanks Dia glad to know that my reviews helps :D
      I think we are on the same boat ahahaha my high school batchmates are either engage or already have their own family and my mom always ask when will I get married (yikes). I'm more of a skincare junkie when I first started this blog but is now also starting to explore make-up so I can somehow look; let's just say, more presentable when needed.
      Thanks again and hope you continue supporting The Certified Latebloomer ;)


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