August 3, 2016

Before They Go: Makeup I

From a crazy idea to a beauty staple, BB cushion conquered and found a steady spot in the beauty world.  Lovers of liquid base makeup can now enjoy their favorite bb/cc cream or foundation in a compact form without the hassle of a bulky packaging, a mirror and a sponge or brush.

I don't touch-up so I do not necessarily need a cushion but I got curious so I got a refill to satisfy my curiosity and it did not disappoint though I have some minor issues with it.

So here's what's inside of the cushion (for those of you who is noob like me), it's a plastic container with a cover that contains a sponge soaked with; in my case, foundation (confusing, I know because name but a "BB Cushion" can contain bb/cc cream or foundation which I already mentioned above, sorry paulit ulit lang and if you are feeling adventurous you can actually DIY and customize the content of your very own bb cushion).

I got the IOPE XP Cushion C21 SPF50+/PA+++ because IOPE started it all!  It has a light to medium coverage with a dewy finish which I very much like because it makes me look fresh and younger :) Plus I look artistahin when I wear this although that effect fades in just an hour or two so touch-up is really needed but I can't be bothered so I just let it fade since the fading anyway looks natural - not patchy and there's no creasing involved at all especially when using the specific sponge that should be use with the cushion.
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