September 28, 2014


Happy weekend everyone!  Just got home from a buffet lunch (so no need for dinner) and a movie date with Kenshin (yihey) and relearn a life lesson from the movie and that is "your life is precious, give value to it".  Anyway, just a reminder to all movie goers: please respect others in the movie house and don't exchange your sweet whatever with your girlfriend or boyfriend loudly throughout the movie or chit chat about your life or tell the story of the short "shut up, can't you see I'm watching".

Going back to the happy side of the post, let's talk about RUB.

If you are in the Philippines and familiar with Racks, then you have to try RUB Ribs & BBQ because it's the cheaper but equally great version of the former.  Me and some members of the family dine in the Makati branch to celebrate my birthday.  Aside from Ribs and BBQ, they have other food to choose from that compliment BBQ.

We stick with Ribs and got two gigantic plates of Raki's BBQ Ribs Family Brunch.  Each order have 2 big and 1 small ribs and 3 side dishes.  The mashed potato is everybody's favorite (although it taste different when I have it delivered to our office, I guess better to eat it when dining in the resto) because it's creamy, just have the right buttery goodness to it and it's made of real~just cooked potatoes, second would be the potato fries with the tartar sauce (or maybe I'm just craving for "real potato fries" that week).

The ribs are flavorful and if we we're asked what else to improved, I would say marinate them a little bit longer so the marinate would really get inside the the meat and the bones...good thing there's extra bbq sauce serve but overall Raki's BBQ Ribs is really good~flavorful and tender.

And that my friends is my nephew, covered his face with a robot to hide it's identity.  Moving on, we also ordered fish and chips...actually fries because I'm just really craving for fries.  This is great with the tartar sauce, without the sauce it's a bit on the bland side (so never ever ever forget to ask for the tartar sauce when it is not served).

I just love the arts on the wall, it's makes the place cozy and interesting despite the industrial chairs and tables.  The guard is also very welcoming he even let us enter the resto even if it's not yet open (we are an hour early) just for us to have a cool place to sit and watch tv while waiting.

Funny thing, a crew hurriedly approached us (we are already at the entrance) just to give a big bottle of choco mint mouthwash ahahaha (it doesn't sound funny here but it is when it happened).

September 27, 2014

Nature Republic Rose, Rice, Shea

"By Nature", no annoying overpowering smell, sheet is not too thick nor thin and they are affordable: readers, here I go again with sheet masks.

Nature Republic is one of the korean brands that I knew when I was just starting to blog and also when the kpop started to boom in my country.  It's one of the brands that offer skincare and make-up at an affordable price.  It's been a while since I visited one of its shop but when I do, I usually buy a tub or two of the aloe gel and masks sheets for the quality is quite good considering it's price.

With the still old packaging, rice variant always have a spot on my sheet masks world because of it's brightening promise (if you're wondering why, well I have pale skin and some brightening is quite welcome) and this one from Nature Republic didn't fail to deliver.  The milky essence have a little alcohol smell to it but I guess Nature Republic improved this area because the rose hip and shea variant almost have no trace of alcohol (but I sniff close and hard just to smell the very faint alcohol smell, but if I don't put that extra effort then I really can't tell that they have alcohol in the ingredient list).

The Rose Hip has more oily finish than the rice.  Other bloggers say that this variant whitens their skin (but I'm not a fan of whitening products and when I bought this, rose hip is making some noise so I got curious).  It does smoothen my face in the sense that it moisturizes my skin and leaves my skin with this slightly oily "film"/"layer" that fills the unevenness of my skin.  Firmness, in my opinion can be achieved after a lot of usage just like doing yoga and exercising for a period of time for the body to be toned and firm.

Lastly, the Shea Butter which seems very weird to me because it reminds me of the body butter that I apply on the driest part of my body: very heavy and sticky.  Fortunately, it's not that heavy as I expected but needs a lot of massaging and time before my skin absorbs the essence.  Moisturization is not that heavy but I don't have to apply cream or emulsion the next day so I guess it's promise of "increasing skin's moisture-retention level" is true.

September 20, 2014

Etude House Royal Jelly Plus Collagen in One

Please excuse my photo, I did everything to make it look decent and resorted to layering with geometric look fine right?

After more than a year of hoarding and being addicted to sheet masks, I finally calm my senses and stopped my vice of checking almost every masks that is or has been the talk of the town.  I'm now down to around 15 sheets individually wrap and to this one from Etude House.

Now if you are using a sheet masks on a regular basis, wouldn't it be more economical to just use buy them in bulk as in like wet wipes type?  This was my thought when I saw Etude House's sheet masks that are in this plastic box that contains 20 sheets:  it's definitely cheaper and also saves a lot of plastic wraps and excess essence.  I got Royal Jelly + Collagen variant because it's moisturizing, perfect for my dry skin (nevermind the firming part) which is I think also better than just the Royal Jelly mask that is individually wrap.

The milky essence is sticky, I won't lie and most of the time I have to splash water to my face after use of the mask to remove it's ickiness but it's really moisturizing and saves my face from becoming a Sahara dessert (here goes my exaggeration).  Another unhappiness about this product that can be remedied is of course the uneven distribution of essence so every now and then I have to turn the plastic box upside down so the top sheet wouldn't dry out.  And well, if you already tried asian sheet mask then you might already probably know the fact that the shape of the sheet mask is weird that even me who is asian have a hard time fitting it to my face but it's okay...I'm already use to it :)