December 13, 2015

3 Gift Shopping Survival Tips for the Lazy and the Busy

It's the time of the year again where singing and dancing is mandatory, where breaking the diet is forgivable and shopping gifts for each and every person you know is an accomplishment.

But what if you're busy or just plain lazy (or both!) to series of gift shopping?  Well, here are my three for you.

ONE:  Online Shops are your Bestfriends
If you don't want to hassle yourself in getting out of bed and going the the mall or shops, then online shopping is definitely for you.  Your shopping dilemma will put to an end with just a click away.

I'm one of the lazy and busy peeps out there who almost always rely on online shopping just because I don't want to get out of the house and to commute and walk to different shops looking for something that might not be available in stores.  I'm careful though as to where I order and just trusted virtual shops.

I go to Bonmarche for makeup from the western countries, Sae Sil Parknshop (facebook based) and Behappywithme (ebay based) for korean skincare and makeup (I always order from these two especially when it's sale in Korea, the prices drops drastically)  and in Zalora. Actually, Zalora is my latest addiction because of the cash on delivery (I don't have to line in banks, hooray!!!) and probably because of the app -I already ordered 3 times through the app and every transaction went well.  Yesterday I ordered the "exchange gift" my officemate requested and was actually tempted to buy gifts to myself (they have promotions and sales because it's 12.12) but I have to finalize my wishlist first.  You can download the ZALORA mobile app here.

I sometimes try my luck with other Ebay online shops but aside from Bhappywithme, my other transactions are painful.  

TWO:  Be an Early Potato
One thing I learned from someone's(close to me) ex who worked at a department store is that they change the tag of the items for sale around an hour before closing time a day before a huge sale.  If that is not true anymore now, then be extra early on the first day of the sale.  You will avoid the long lines to the cashier and fitting room plus the salespersons are still energized to assist you.

Most of the time I also take advantage of special sales and additional percentage off to my purchases a mall offers to early shoppers.  SM Department Stores sometimes give additional 10% to 20% discount to their SM advantage card holders  if they shop an hour earlier than the regular mall hours.

THREE:  Have a Master Plan
Always have a list of things to buy and where to buy them.  I don't mind people telling me that I'm so old school for having a list on hand - it's effective to get the job done and I save time.

Now the list should include every detail possible like the color, size, where the shop is located and even the back-up item to be gifted if the first option is not available.  This way, you won't spend your whole day pondering and going back and forth to shops.

Set a definite date to do all your shopping so your mind and body is prepared.  Also, make sure that your cards are perfectly working and you have enough cash on hand.

It's also nice to bring some snacks (and water, stay hydrated) so you can nibble on something when hungry~it's rare to find a resto/food store that is not packed with hungry shoppers.

I hope these three tips helps.  But if everything fails, always remember that a sincere greeting with a smile or a warm hug are great gift options.
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November 15, 2015

CULL SERIES: Meet My Shoes

I'm about to go out to do some shopping damage since everything is on sale.  But then I saw a shopping bag with two pairs of shoes in it just lying at the foot of my bed and realize that I have too much stuff and I don't need to acquire more.

By the way, I decided to throw/give away that two pair of shoes and put them in that shopping bag for like 3 weeks ago or even a month already and I still haven't got to doing so maybe because I'm a shoe lady???  I do not have much of a problem bidding goodbye to bags and clothes but shoes is something that bothers me a lot when it comes to "culling".

So with that intro, here are my shoes of the moment.

September 28, 2015

of Facial Mist -Innisfree and Skinfood

Facial mist to me are just toner packed in a fancy can or bottle.  With that, I tend to skip looking at them whenever I visit skincare stores or look for new releases.  But for some reason, facial mist always do something to catch my attention so here are two that I currently have.

I got the Skinfood Herb Anti-Dust Coating Mist deluxe sample for free when I ordered from Sae Sil (if your planning to order stuff from her, please mention my name...pretty please).  I don't know how this mist is anti-dust but whenever I feel the need to feel refresh when I'm at home, I spritz this and it will instantly cool my face.  The smell is very refreshing even its main ingredients are from herb namely Edelweiss, Marjoram, Mallow, Yarrow, Lady's Mantle.

I seldom use this though when I have a heavy makeup on for the fear that there will be slight smudging since the mist of this one is most of the time, not even which leads me to use the Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist.