July 19, 2015

Surprisingly Good Lipsticks

The colors of the photo above is a lie, because of the light and a little tweaking from fotor, they are much more brighter but don't worry the swatches below are near the real thing.  Without knowing the brand, I thought that these two tube are from the mid-range category of lipsticks because the packaging looks classy-black with silver topped with the color-representation of the lipsticks inside.  Quite surprised that they are from Ever Bilena.

These two are my first shocking colors in my makeup "collection".  Red and Pink!  I can never imagine myself picking these up whenever I buy make-up but thanks to my sister who always share with me her make-up stash, I became a rebel and opposed to my play-safe-color-rule.

Storm; which is a red with a hint of orange, is something I imagine wearing on a holloween:  me in all black and a pair of boots, hair straight down with black eyeliner.  Like the swatch above, I will look villainous, dangerous, and masungit.
Pink Flame despite having pink in it's name looks like a peach-mauve color; again, in the above photo swatch.  My usual everyday shade only, more noticeable than Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey.

But applying them on my lips gives different results:
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Anime, Books, Food, Music and of course Cosmetics

From my mug to yours, have some coffee.  I'm finally awake and hopefully I'll also be in action in this blog thanks to my sister who wanted to have my Collection concealer and to Shayne who keep on visiting and commenting in my posts-they reminded me that I have a blog.  I have lots of products to review and ideas to share but the couch potato in me consumed my energy.

Here's what I've been up to lately:

Anime series is just like your tv series:  it has interesting characters, story, morals and it can make its viewers go mad while waiting for the next episode or season.  The only difference is that it is in "cartoon" form.  And also, I prefer english sub than dub.

I re-watch Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood because I already forgot how it ended (and glad that I did because I didn't really finish the series before) and still waiting for new episodes and season for World Trigger (wars of different nation/world), Food Wars (it's about food with OA reaction when tasting the food) and Assassination Classroom (a classroom of high schoolers who aims to assassinate their un-ordinary teacher to save the world).

Done with the The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami which is really strange, my brother think it's a horror book some people think it's a children's book (how opposite).  It's a very short story with lots of illustrations that can be finish in; at most, an hour.

I'm already half way through Rags and Bones which is a collection of stories from great authors.  Like what is mentioned in it's cover, the authors gave a new twist to timeless tales which also made me realize that I'm very very very far from being a well-read person, I feel ashamed when someone calls me a bookworm.  Anyway, this is for you if you wanted to read but do not have the time to commit to a full blown book with a long story since it consists of 12 short tales and it's easy to jump from one story to another because they are not interconnected.

I ate Thai and lots of Indian food.  I've also been to UCC which I never knew was a Japanese resto and to Dyce and Dine where I drank a Pineapple Mint in an erlenmeyer flask while playing some board games (didn't managed to enjoy the food since I'm having a terrible headache that affected my sense of taste).

While watching anime, I never failed to eat ice cream and for weird reason I'be been liking Double Dutch which was a weird flavor for me before.  I've been gobbling Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream which many despise because of the smell.  These combo really made be fat so beware.

Most of the music I listened to nowadays are from the background of youtube videos like the Katie Queen of Tennessee by The Apache Relay from one of Buzzfeed's videos and then the Sneakers Get Wild by Morgan which was used by Claire Marshall and TheLineUp.  From TheLineUp still, I also grew fond of Smells Like Summer by Early Hours.

Trying out the Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack from my latest haul although I think the cream forming into gelatin all the time is a gimmick and the new Laneige Sleeping Mask and to be honest I like the Sleeping Pack Ex better because it's not as heavy as the new one.  Also, got the the best selling set-Time Revolution from Missha and again I like the older formulation better.  I think the Borabit and Intensive in the products are just gimmick because they are not as good as before.

I'm trying to finish the Iope Cushion that I have and I must say, it takes a lot of skill to finish a compact in just 6 months (the usual lifespan of cushions) because it's already with me for 7 months, using it almost everyday and I still have a lot it's a pain for me to just throw it away.

On the happy side of my cosmetics world, I'm loving the Canmake Shading Powder.  I can use it as a contour, an eyeshadow and blush-it's a sulit purchase.

Stick around!

June 29, 2015

Shiseido, Canmake, Etude and Laneige Haul

There are many types of reasons.  There are those reasonable that no matter what argument you throw, the reason is fair and sensible.  And there are those unreasonable which might be a result of an impulse, like my reason for these haul which starts with "Just because".

"Just because" someone from Japan is coming to Manila (thank you my friend), I got the Shiseido Perfect Whip Cleanser and the Canmake Shading Powder.  I don't basically need them but heck these two are waaaaaay cheaper in Japan than in here, so why not.