July 30, 2016

Not the Same featuring Missha and Aloe Vera Gel

They were the favorites with a "holy grail" status.  The "go to" when the new items failed their purpose.  They are like your BFFs that you reach out to when you have skin problems.  But then suddenly, you feel they don't give the same effect anymore.  Was it a new formulation? Or perhaps my age and diet (what I eat)?

Whatever the reason, here are the items that awed me before but just won't work anymore now.

Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Borabit Ampoule
THEN:  I raved about this before here and it's one of the reason why I tried some more items from Missha.  Here'a an excerpt from my review: "My face looks glowing, flawless and sleek.  With continuous usage, my face looks healthy and less sensitive.  My pores looks smaller and my freckles and sun spots are less visible. I never had a major breakout with this ampoule and my skin is soft yet firmer than before." Overall, I think it made my skin almost to the flawless artista level.

NOW:  It just became a normal moisturizer in a liquid form.  I read somewhere; although not official, that an active ingredient was replace with the "Borabit" edition as Missha had an issue with Estee Lauder because guys, in Korea this is being marketed as a cheaper version of the Estee Lauder Night Repair.  I wish that I have gotten the former formula because I am missing the goodness it gave to my skin.

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