June 29, 2015

Sheseido, Canmake, Etude and Laneige Haul

There are many types of reasons.  There are those reasonable that no matter what argument you throw, the reason is fair and sensible.  And there are those unreasonable which might be a result of an impulse, like my reason for these haul which starts with "Just because".

"Just because" someone from Japan is coming to Manila (thank you my friend), I got the Sheseido Perfect Whip Cleanser and the Canmake Shading Powder.  I don't basically need them but heck these two are waaaaaay cheaper in Japan than in here, so why not.
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June 18, 2015

Quick Escape: Camp Netanya

And my sleepless Saturday continues (first was with a friend, supporting her fangirling by accompanying her in buying the precious BigBang tickets) but this time, I went to a lovely place~ Camp Netanya which is a piece of Santorini in Mabini, Batangas.

This will be a photo-diary so I wouldn't blabber much :)

The seashore is rocky but heck, the water is so clear even clearer than the pool.  I deep my feet and the temperature of the water is just right to freshen the sweaty me.

I didn't bother to swim, I'm not in the mood and so I just watched my officemates have the fun in the pool while I'm having fun with the food.  I still take advantage of the pool though my capturing reflection of a portion of Camp Netanya.

Another perspective~the white and blue combo is very lovely and clean to look at, it is calming too.  Since the place is far away from the main roads, it is quiet and relaxing in the camp.  There are no tv or radios in the rooms too and the signal is weak so if you wanted a semi media detox, this place might be the right venue for you.

The cloud formation is just stunning, they are like cotton candies and marshmallows in one.

And of course the Sunset!  Everyone took advantage of the sight and made every position possible for a selfie with the sinking sun, I on the other hand just took a photo of it because it's such a beautiful sight.

 I didn't manage to get up early (I sleep pretty late because of the alcohol) so I only have the below as a final photo.

White and Blue.  The Sunset and Tranquility it gives you - Camp Netanya!

June 17, 2015

Human♥Nature Overnight Elixir and 100% Natural Moisturizer

I got the Human♥Nature  100% Natural Night Moisturizer because it's so cheap.  It's  Php149 (around $3.50) for 50ml and it has jojoba which is said to be the the most similar to human skin oil and plant collagen which makes the skin looking plump and youthful.

The Overnight Elixir is an impulse buy.  I like to try the Rosehip oil but looking into the ingredients of the Overnight Elixir, I think it's better plus just hearing the "Elixir"word makes me want to have it even more.  By the way, I tried the Rosehip Oil (my sister has one) and I kind of hate how heavy the oil is plus it's smells like a cooking oil.

Even though everyone have good reviews in the site, I still kept my expectation low with the Human♥Nature 100% Natural Moisturizer and I'm glad I did because I am so surprise with the result- I can't believe it's cheap.  Aside from the price, here are three major reasons why I like it:

First is that it's fluidy and has an essence like consistency and texture that my skin absorbs it real quick.
Second is it's moisturizing not only the top of my skin but deep within as well.  While this moisturizer sinks into my skin quickly, it still leaves this thin-light and non greasy layer of oil that kinda coats the top layer of the skin making it bouncy.