December 21, 2014

Accumulated Stuff. Guilty, this is a Haul Post

For the past few months I've been good in keeping myself away from ordering and shopping cosmetics (though I keep on buying clothes to replace my old ones and succulents).  From now on, I'll tell myself that it's not yet my schedule to haul or shop instead of shopping ban which is less harsher to the ears which makes me think that I'm not restricting myself but more like I have more time to think and research the things that I like to have/buy.

Weather is gloomy which I like but not my photos because it makes them blurry.  Whatever, here's my recent accumulated things.

Ecotools Fresh and Flawless Complexion Brush Set
Lucky me, I guess immediately who my secret santa is and immediately told her that I don't want things that I can't use.  I initially wanted a book but saw this set from Bon Marche and commanded (I'm horrible, I know) her to order this instead because I need some brushes.

Sunkissed Duo Eyeshadows
I'm not familiar with the brand and I'm not sure where my sister got these but heck they are free.  I have one before; which I dropped and tried to put them together using the techniques I found in youtube but didn't work (oh youtube, your a mess), and it has a good quality and color and hopefully these two are good two.

Ellana Mineral Blush
My sister got this for free when she ordered a lot of Ellana stuff online and gave it to me because it's more suitable for the color of my skin.  Hooray for sister and freebies!

IOPE Air Cushion XP C21
I'm familiar with this brand since it keeps on appearing whenever I search for best skincare product in Korea back in the middle of the year and have been recently popular because of the the bb cushion which Michelle Phan mentioned in one of her videos.  Air cushion have been all over the net and seeing Pony using it so effortlessly, I decide to get a refill.  I didn't bother to get the container to save some money, thanks to behappywith me for the hassle free transaction.  Oh I also got a spare sponge for 50 pesos.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter
I got this for free when I bought a Revlon hair color.  I have no choice, it's free so I have to keep it hehehe.

Burt's Bees Lip Crayon  Hawaiian Smolder
My sister gave me one of her balm stain (Revlon Just Bitten Kissable to be specific) and I like it so I ordered something similar...but different lip crayon.  This one is more on the mauve side.

Human Heart Nature Night Cream and Overnight Elixir
Human Heart Nature had a great promo on the Overnight Elixir (reduced price and I got a 50ml sunflower oil) and because I'm not contented with just one I figured why not buy some other cheap stuff like the night cream and the massage oil (which is in the next photo).

IOPE Essential Tone and Wrinkle Care Eye Cream
This is the only cheap eye cream that i can find in the net that seems to work well.  Thanks again to behappywithme, I'm guessing she some memebox full of IOPE stuff and selling the items in her shop separately which is perfect for me!  I'm trying to resist to order the ampoule.

Biore Aqua Sunscreen Essence???
Forgot the exact name but this is one of the products that appeared when I search for a sunblock/sun cream that is popular in Japan and ask my sister to ask one of her officemate to buy it for me in Japan.  Banzai to travelers!

Konjac Cleansing Sponge
I keep on purchasing konjac sponge from The Landmark because they work and they are cheap, I just hope that the makers won't raise the price now that there are many youtubers raving about these sponges.

Human Heart Nature Rejuvenating Massage Oil
I'm now an oil convert because it moisturizes my skin without being to heavy and sweaty unlike lotions.  But I just don't use whatever kinds of oil...I go for something that is light like dry oil or those with coconut oil as a base.  This one though has sunflower oil and though sunflower oil is great for the skin I find the smell annoying not just on my skin but on my clothes as well because it linger even after wash which leads me to buy the next item.

Zenutrients Anti Cellulite Oil
Didn't buy this because of the Anti Cellulite part (it sound gimmicky to me) but because of the relaxing smell and feel it gave me when I used it last year so I got another bottle.  The other massage oil from Zenutrients are good to, so far my favorite is the eucalyptus and green tea.

Human Nature Hydrating Creamy Wash
Gooey but definitely hydrating and cheaper than most of of the facial wash I used.  I'm not a fan of it's scent but it works like Physiogel and Cetaphil.

I also bought this Winter Wonderland Spray from ZenZest as recommended by my sister.  Abusing the broque shoes that I got from Payless and surprisingly, I bought a necklace from H&M which surprisingly again, I'm wearing on a weekly basis.  I'm not an accessory person but probably because I'm revolving around plain looking shirt, now look into the the accessory section of shops.

I wanted to add some of the tops that I got that looks really nice, but I don't know how to present them here (the last time I did it was a disaster).

Shop wisely.  Enjoy!

December 19, 2014

Shine Bright Baby!

Here are three of my make-ups that can make me shine bright like a diamond in a party (that is if I attend one).

Missha The Style Mono Touch Eyeshadow CBE1
This can be use in the inner corner to brighten the eyes or as a base or just wear it alone if you wanted something beige, creamy and a bit glitzy.  Got this because it has the Get It Beauty seal which means it's one of the best beauty product in Korea.  Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of glitzy or shimmery makeup so I don't use this but maybe this holiday season I can use it as a highlighter.

Clio Gelpresso Mini Bloody Sweet #13
This is a light pink color with a metallic finish that can be use as an eyeliner or as an eyeshadow.  This looks good in photos but I find some chunks of glitter when I apply this on my lids which makes me hate it.  I actually got this by mistake because I wanted a black eyeliner but the translation is just so bad that I got this instead.  Again, if you wanted to add some glitz or shimmer around your eyes, then this is for you.

3W Clinic Powder Transparent Pearl
Also known as Palgantong, this is in my must try list because of all the beautiful reviews plus this is use by a lot of makeup artist to the stars in Korea.  I got the transparent pearl because I only wanted a powder to set my makeup and this is could have been perfect because it is finely milled...but it has this tiny specks of glitters on it.  Seriously, I look like Edward Cullen when I first used this because my face shine like there's diamond on it when I'm under the sun and my niece said "you're so shiny!!!".  This can perfectly act as a highlighter though :)

Shining brightly lately?

December 17, 2014

Hada Labo and More

Here's the random review again but this time, some goodies are irresistible!

Zenutrients Massage Oils
I got the Eucalyptus and Peppermint and the Eucalyptus and Green Tea and I like the latter more than the former because it's more minty, more relaxing and it helps me breathe better.  These oils are not only good for massages but also for moisturizing the skin because of the coconut oil which is not greasy to use that I apply them even during daytime...good stuff I'm going to try other variants.

Watsons Green Tea Pore Minimizing Gel
If you wanted to try aloe gels for the longest time but don't want to spend 200 to 300 (around $4 to $5) pesos then this gel is a good option.  It has the same light moisturization and cooling effect for less than 100 pesos.  Not sure about the pore minimizing part because I only use this on my feet :)

The Body Shop Special Edition Blueberry
There's a thin line between this, having a childish blueberry smell with a blueberry smell that is good and okay to use in the body.  This has a thick consistency like the shea and moisturizes like the olive, not one of my favorites but for a change of smell to something almost toothy fruity is refreshing once in a while plus I got this for free, yihey!

Bath & Body Works Deep Cleansing Hand Soap
And Bath & Body Works is not joking because this hand soap have the power of deep cleansing.  The only problem is that it also washes away the moisture off my hands so I go gaga slathering lotions everytime I pee and you know what.

Hada Labo Gokujyun Lotion
Hands down to this moisturizing toner, I really wish this is readily available in Watsons Philippines.  This softens my skin to the highest level!!! and really helps in refining and moisturizing my face.  The effect is shocking after just one night of use.  I can't give a full review though because I only use it for less than a month (got to try only around 1/8 of the bottle, thanks to a friend who let me have the remaining of this stuff).

Tried any of these?