November 15, 2015

CULL SERIES: Meet My Shoes

I'm about to go out to do some shopping damage since everything is on sale.  But then I saw a shopping bag with two pairs of shoes in it just lying at the foot of my bed and realize that I have too much stuff and I don't need to acquire more.

By the way, I decided to throw/give away that two pair of shoes and put them in that shopping bag for like 3 weeks ago or even a month already and I still haven't got to doing so maybe because I'm a shoe lady???  I do not have much of a problem bidding goodbye to bags and clothes but shoes is something that bothers me a lot when it comes to "culling".

So with that intro, here are my shoes of the moment.
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September 28, 2015

of Facial Mist -Innisfree and Skinfood

Facial mist to me are just toner packed in a fancy can or bottle.  With that, I tend to skip looking at them whenever I visit skincare stores or look for new releases.  But for some reason, facial mist always do something to catch my attention so here are two that I currently have.

I got the Skinfood Herb Anti-Dust Coating Mist deluxe sample for free when I ordered from Sae Sil (if your planning to order stuff from her, please mention my name...pretty please).  I don't know how this mist is anti-dust but whenever I feel the need to feel refresh when I'm at home, I spritz this and it will instantly cool my face.  The smell is very refreshing even its main ingredients are from herb namely Edelweiss, Marjoram, Mallow, Yarrow, Lady's Mantle.

I seldom use this though when I have a heavy makeup on for the fear that there will be slight smudging since the mist of this one is most of the time, not even which leads me to use the Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist.

September 6, 2015

Binge Online Shopping

In order to keep my sanity and fight boredom, I kept on visiting online shops.  There's Sephora who always fill my high end make-up and skincare fantasy that youtubers rave about.  There's Luxola for mostly brushes and sleek blushes.  And then there's Zalora which; thankfully, is in the Philippines so I've been browsing their site for the whole week because of the sales and the discount that the company I work for have for its employees (thank's company, I hope you raise my salary so I can have all the items that are stuck in my favorites) so might as well share them to you.

I've been into clothes and shoes lately, I'm blaming Claire Marshall, Jen Im and the The Line Up for this.  My style is more on the basic, structured, comfortable, almost minimal and with a splash of tomboy~ish look.

White Boyfriend Blouse
A white button down is a staple in every wardrobe.  You can dress it upor down. Wear it on it's own or jazz it with some accessories.  Layering them with blazers, cardigan and jackets will also make the simple white interesting and not boring~a white button is the perfect canvas for a chic and versatile outfit.
Bomber Jacket
It's a bomber jacket which is usually associated with something sporty but this printed jacket can also be worn in a formal way.  I picture wearing this when I'm in a mood for something girly yet I still wanted to have that tomboyish vibe.
Pineapple Print Tee
Don't laugh but this tee is from the men's section.  I don't know why but I'm more attracted to the prints in men's tee (I have a couple of them) ~they have more variety of prints like pineapples :)

Again don't laugh but my first ever pair of jeans is from the men's section.  I have a weird body structure that most girl's jeans/pants won't fit me that's is why when I shop I always look at the men's section (sorry guy's) though a lot of people look at me quizzically but hey, they fit me well- not too body hugging, have the right straight cut that I want, no whatever flower or jewel stuff and most importantly, they are comfortable.

Visit Zalora to browse for more perfect fit jeans here.  Don't worry ladies, they also have the perfect jeans for you (*whispers* some of them are on sale).  Here are some of the jeans that I like very much.