August 29, 2012

Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack

Will an apple a day keeps a doctor away?
Baviphat Apple AC Theraphy Sleeping Pack
The official website of Bivaphat is in korean so I can't give you the exact description of this product but based on my research Baviphat Apple AC Theraphy Sleeping Pack is a wash off type mask recommended to those with troubled and sensitive skin type and with the various fruit acid the product contains, it helps in removing dead skin cells making the skin soft and brighter.
top+front+back+side with expiration date
Inside the apple~ish packaging is a small,very tiny spoon that I think is useless.  I guess I need to scoop at least 5 times and that's a waste of time so I usually just pour the sleeping pack in my hands.
inside the cute packaging with a tiny spoon
It's yellowish in color with a texture similar to a failed experiment of a person who for the first time tried to make an egg pudding out of desperation to have something sweet (^_^) meaning it's thick but still a little runny (in between emulsion and cream) and the smell reminds me of Nestea In Apple flavor.
the contents
How do I use this sleeping pack?  After washing and toning my face, I spend at least 7 minutes in spreading and massaging the pack on my face.  Next, I let the pack settle on my skin which takes around 8 minutes.  After this ritual, I usually feel that something watery is on my face yet when  I touch it it's not damped at all.  It's Magic.  My face is moisturize inside and out.

So what I hate about this product? Nothing!
What I love this sleeping pack? Nothing!

How about the magical moisturizing effect that I've mention?  Like the power of Cinderella's fairygodmother, the magic don't last long.  After washing in the morning, my face returns to it's former dry glory.

Overall, Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack is a neutral product to me.  It doesn't improve the state of my sensitive dry skin nor heal my pimples but it also doesn't give me breakouts (which is good!).  Maybe this is just really for someone with troubled skin type.  Anyway I'll just use it as a massage cream every after two days.

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


  1. oh thats disappointing to hear, that the result washes off! i think that makes the product pointless to use if the effect would wash off :D anyhoo, i love apples!

    1. yeah, could have been a good product but I guess the apple packaging fooled me this time :p


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