August 17, 2012

TheFaceShop Diamond Shine Lipgloss

Crap, I'm having allergy/skin asthma and my whole body is itching.  But the main victim of this disease is my face: tiny circles are all over my face that I have to stop using any product that leads me to give my attention to this:
the face shop's Diamond Shine Lipgloss
I only have 3 makeup: bb cream, lip balm and this lipgloss.  I have bb creams which I got as freebies, lip balm for my dry lips and lipgloss that was given to me by a friend who got it as a prize from TFS last month promo which makes me think that she's my first ever sponsor (well technically not hahahaha.  I'm daydreaming).  Moving on...
doe-tip applicator
red-orange~ish in color
when spread
Well the name said..... so it's shiny because of the bits glitters on it and glossy's a lip gloss (hehehe, silly me).  I am not a fan of lip gloss, I like my lips to look natural and matted so I just use this for the sake of using it and also for it's funny, juicy taste which reminds me of a strawberry jelly donut which makes me lick my lips more than usual.  Anyway here's some pics (though this is weird for me) of my lips.  Be the judge!
my bare lips
with the diamond shine lipgloss
Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!

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