November 27, 2012

Nature Republic Botanical Cover BB Cream

Two things to remember when using this BB Cream: one, use it sparingly (as in sparingly!) and two be fast.
Nature Republic Botanical Cover BB Cream SPF 40+++
photo by my sister who is experimenting
I got this Nature Republic Botanical Cover BB Cream in No.2 with an SPF of 40 PA+++ as a gift from my colleagues (hmmm they really want me to become a lady hahaha).  Below is the clearer photo of the product.
photo from
photo from
According to this site:

I use around 6 pea size of this bb cream: one dot each for forehead, nose bridge, left and right cheek, chin and neck.  After putting the dots I go gaga on spreading them because the bb cream dries easily and turns a little powdery once spread.  And maybe because of it's high SPF of 40, it gives a ghastly effect when I apply/put too much so I use it in pea size amount.
with and without sample photo and how it covers my freckle
Botanical Cover BB Cream has medium coverage: I can still see my freckles but makes my pores less visible.  It also gives my face a natural silky, soft, somewhat pinkish with a little shine/glow finish.

The smell is on the flowery side: simple and not irritating.  A tube which is in lilac color has 45 grams of bb cream that I think will last for a year to me since I use it sparingly.

When I go a little over the pea size amount, I use my powder brush to blend the bb cream but have to wash my face when I put too much:  I don't want to have a lot of lines at an early age just because of too much dabbing and pulling my face for this bb cream to blend  to the natural tone of my skin.  Speaking of washing, water alone of course can't remove the bb cream:  I double cleanse (cleansing cream+facial wash) in order to remove it.

This BB Cream I guess is perfect for those with fair skin (I think I have fair skin and this bb cream in no.2 is just right fore me) and also for those who wants high SPF.

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!

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