December 20, 2012

TONYMOLY Fresh Aqua Water Drop Serum

Ever since I heard about the 5 korean skincare regimen, I started to be really curious with the serum.  It's very new music to my ears.  SO when TonyMoly announced their 50% off sale last September, serum is number one in my to buy list.
Fresh Aqua Water Drop Serum
Original Price is P948 for 50ml
Too bad every specification in the box is in korean and I couldn't find the product in any TonyMoly website (maybe this will be discontinued).  So without any idea as to what it can do, I started to use it reguarly; day and night, for 3 months now.
And here's the serum.  Milky in color.  Gel like texture
The smell of this serum is something that is hard to describe: it smells clean but becomes odorless once spread unto the skin.  It's milky white in color and has a gel consistency that melts and turn into something watery once spread/rubbed.

The bottle has a pump though I still keep the serum in it's box to prevent dust and other particles from entering since there is no cap provided.  The bottle looks like it's made of glass but it's actually plastic (almost the same material that is being used to iphones) and it's very simple looking blue and white bottle which is totally okay with me.  But it's not transparent so to monitor the content inside you have to place the bottle in front of a light and you'll see a line which is the end of the pump and that's my indicator as to how much more serum I have.
And here's the pump of the bottle
So I use this serum day and night after toning my clean face.  I use around 2 to 3 pumps per application.  I don't directly put it in my face, I first spread it in my palm then pat it on my face, this way it will make the spreading of the serum more even (and fast too) and at the same time prevents me from doing unnecessary tugging and pulling of my face (which will somehow help in preventing lines and wrinkles).  Because of it's watery consistency, my skin absorbs the serum quickly but I let a minute or two to past before I apply another layer of product.
Turns watery once spread or rub
Instant result after just one night:  My skin becomes softer and smoother than before.
After a week:  Pores become smaller.
After a month:  Skintone becomes more even than before, softer and smother skin.  Pores become smaller (my sister noticed it too) my face is also glowing a little).

After a month there's no further improvement/effect that I noticed from my face so continued use of the serum is more of a maintenance.  My pores generally have become smaller though I need a stronger serum that targets large pores for my cheeks:  my pores in the cheeks area becomes smaller but still noticeable and bigger compared to the other area of my face.

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!

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