January 18, 2013

TheFaceShop Real Nature Mask Red Ginseng

Relax, relax it's Friday.  Let's end the weekday with a mask!
THEFACESHOP Real Nature Mask Red Ginseng
Finally a TSF mask that I love! Surprisingly, this Real Nature Mask Red Ginseng has no alcohol smell that I always complain about whenever I use a mask from TheFaceShop (bravo, clap clap).  Instead, it has a little herby, minty scent that is light and refreshing- nothing irritating.  The essence is colored brown! And not sticky yet patting is still necessary for quick absorption.
I tried putting the essence in a white shirt and it stained, can be remove by washing with soap and water though
Now for the effect:  My face looked revitalize though I noticed that my pores on my cheeks gone bigger good thing they went back to their normal state (how I wish they shrink) when I wash my face.  My skin also still feels moisturize even after washing and looks healthy up to 3 days (with diminishing effect of course and moisturizing cream is still needed).

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


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