August 19, 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base

Etude House already releases 2 or 3 collection and yet I haven't shared my thoughts on this pink baby from the Sweet Recipe collection.

Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base
It's a primer, make-up base, my concealer and corrector even a cc cream- it's so good on me that I fell in love with make-up bases because it's just what I need for my everyday make-up look.

Let's just say that I seldom use any any make-up to prettify my face with this:  it can even out my skin tone, hide my pores and give this almost porcelain dewy effect plus with extra layer it can somehow lighten (by covering of course) the appearance of my dark circles.  I'm a fan natural looking skin or the no make-up make up look so coverage is not a problem to me.

Now I sounded like I'm advertising but I'm not, really.  It's just that it's my first time to encounter this type of make-up base plus I'm new to make-up so I was astounded with the effect it's gives me.

This number 2 Berry Choux gives a little pinkish glow to my dull white face.  It's like it has bits of pearls or something that gives my face an illusion of illumination.

This light and fluffy choux cream-like base creates baby choux skin with it's moist inside and soft smoothness on the outside
I got the one with the glass packaging but there are newer versions of the Baby Choux bases in tubes.  There are three kinds (I know you are already aware of this fact so I'll make it quick):  the mint is for those with troubled skin to tone down the redness, the peach are for those with warmer skin tones to make skin bright and the berry one which is most suitable for those who have dull complexion  to make the skin look more vibrant.

SPF25,PA++ #2 Berry Choux
628 pesos
11000 won for tube type
Well it also has SPF, woot woot for a person who do not like to put another layer of product to protect it's skin from the sun, another point for Baby Choux!.  That's another pro but of course there's also a con to it: while I'm loving the raspberry smell to this make-up base I sometimes smell something off...something foul when I smell it from the container probable from the ingredients responsible for the SPF.

Another thing that I think is a con to this product is that when I apply to much it makes my skin so white that I have to wash my face again but (again) if there's a con to that then a pro is also present that is I can use the product longer since I do not have to use a lot, that's a big savings for me (and for you to!).

small bottle with great product inside
Yep it's light and fluffy and creamy too and can make my skin look moist (outside not inside).  Soft...well a little and yes to smoothness although I feel a little grittiness like tiny bits of pearl but after applying the product evenly, the grittiness disappears making the skin look and feel smooth.  And please forgive me for the redundancy in this post.

Directions for use is pretty basic.  The box says just smooth over the entire face a choux cream-like soft, smooth complexion.  I on the other hand put one pea size each on my cheeks, forehead and chin then spread the product outward then pat face for an even natural looking look.

The pretty bottle only contains 25g but with the right amount of usage can last for a whole year.  I'm using mine for around three months already and it's still 7/8 full (the picture is the evidence).

The frosted bottle and the cap looks elegant by the way, it makes my cube look girly.  The box also looks cute, it's like a miniature cake box.  Overall, packaging is pretty amazing, I just hope Etude House could do something with the description.  I mean "1 spoon of moisture, 2 spoons of soft smoothness"?  I know Etude House is trying to be cute but really what does the statement really means?

ingredients just in case your interested
Nice looking (all in one) product for a nice looking skin.  Thank you Etude House for creating Baby Choux!

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. hi sis, how much did you get this? :) the frosted packaging is really appealing. i hope they have an unscented version :)

    1. It's 695 in stores but bought online for around 500, all variant I believe have scents

  2. aah I still haven't tried this! I ordered it in the past but there something went wrong and it got returned before arriving here and I didn't re-order haha ^^; I'm thinking of getting the one for dull skin coz I have no redness anymore.

    1. too bad it got returned, but now there's a tube packaging that somehow suitable for those who don't want products in tubs but again the frosted glass is one of the charms of this product ;)

  3. I LOVE this one too! It's really amazing! Base lang dapat siya, but when I put it on, feel ko almost done na makeup ko. :D


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