November 11, 2013

Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant Exfoliating Gel

Exfoliating gel has been popular lately because of...well Cure.  I haven't tried the awesomeness of Cure (my budget won't allow me) so for now I settled myself with Pure Beauty's Pomegranate Antioxidant Exfoliating Gel.

Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant Exfoliating Gel

While strolling Watsons, just saw these glimmering red boxes that seems to be really luxurious and since there's no SA around, my sister and I checked them out ( hehehe, I'm guilty of checking products when there's no salesperson around) and Pure Beauty somehow rings a bell because I think I read from one of Erika of post (I think it's where she introduces the different korean brands here in the Philippines) about it.  I even got more curious of the brand because despite it's nice aesthetics, it's actually quite affordable.  I already have toner, essence and cream that time so the exfoliating gel got me curios because I'm running out of Appletox from TonyMoly (again, that time) and that's where an SA suddenly pop-up at the back of the scene and let us try the gel.

So as you can see the exfoliating gel is in a simple yet elegant tube with shiny red (representing pomegranate) cap.  It says that it protects collagen reserves, promotes healthier skin and helps skin rejuvenation and is dermatologically tested which is one factor that I'm looking for a product because I somewhat have a sensitive skin.

contains Ecocert ingredients

It says that the product contains Korean Pomegranate Fruit extract, Swiss RADICARE, French ECOCERT validated fruit and herbal extracts and Bulgarian Rose water that works together to promote healthy, radiant and youthful skin, promoting nutrition, hydration and invigoration, while simultaneously fighting free radicals and providing anti-aging and antioxidant benefits.  I hope Pure Beauty could care to explain more about the Swiss RADICARE and French ECOCERT part because I don't know what they are and couldn't find anything about them.

the ingredients and all about the product

It's great that even if this one is made in Korea, everything is in English and there's no need for me to crinch.

With an appropriate amount, massage gently the gel to the dry face (yes, it's important that the skin is dry) and within seconds you'll see white sometimes brown or gray particles forming on the surface of the skin.  Then rinse with supposedly with warm water but I always use tepid water.

I couldn't say that the particles are pure dead skin cells and dirt, of course the product is also included in the particles because I experimented a little and put another layer of gel after a minute and the "particles" are still forming though they are more on a whitish form and a lot lesser.

Caution! if you have sensitive skin please do not do what I just did because it can irritate your skin,  I got mini red spots.  Also, do not use this on a daily basis.  I did another experiment of exfoliating with this gel on 2 consecutive days and there's a slight irritation on my skin.  It says so too on the instructions that this can be use 1-2 times per week so I can't imagine what the SA is feeling because she said that she and her friends are using this on a daily basis to remove their make-up (my face was actually shocked when she said this because exfoliating on a daily basis is not good for the skin as the natural oils will be stripped off and will damaged the first layer of the skin and I hope that she is listening when I'm explaining this part to my sister).

how it looks like and how it performs it's magic

Since this exfoliating gel removes the dead skin cells of the skin, I'm not surprised that my skin somehow looks brighter and smoother.  Amazingly, it also doesn't dry my skin just don't know about the rest of what this product claims but just seeing those dead skin cells lifting of my face makes me satisfied with this product.

Of course let's not forget about the smell, it citrusy sometimes like a candied or juice pomelo.  The gel has this cool feel when applied to the face (which I like because it's refreshing.)

I have some issue with the price of this product though.  I got mine for P299 but a week after that the price went down to P189 (this made me cry).  Then when the Cure got released here in the Philippines, the price went up to P400+ (not sure with the exact amount).  Then they have this promotion again that you can buy the gel and the cream from this line for P299 each but when we (with my sister) checked it out in the nearest Watsons, it seems like no one knows about it and waited for like 30 minutes for the SA to clear it out with her supervisor then there's a problem again with the cashier saying that the bar-code is not valid and made us wait for like 10 minutes and still they keep on  battling about it ahahaha and my sister got pissed off because the SAs should know about this and we left empty handed because the SA and the cashier can't settle on what to do *sigh* what a waste.  Anyway I hope Pure Beauty would settle a definite price for their products.

Oh I also use this exfoliating gel on other parts of my body like my elbows.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. so this one works like cure pala! akala ko may scrubs inside eh. :D this one's P489 now! grabe tinaas from P189! :O

    1. Almost, mas liquidy ata yung cure at yung price nga niya nagdouble :(


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