November 27, 2013

Worry Free and Secured Online Shopping?

I have to admit whenever I'm stress, I shop (admit it too).  Now with my busy and super flexi schedule, I just can't go out whenever I want and be in every shop of the mall to scour every rack of clothes, bags, shoes, cosmetics, accessories, gadgets and whatever that comes into my mind especially when everything is on sale (I sometimes go over the top and buy tons of books) or sometimes I'm just plain lazy and do not have that extra energy to just even walk a foot out of the house to satisfy my shopping craving.  And that's where I thank and praise the magic of ONLINE SHOPPING!!!.

Made many transactions online lately especially that I got addicted to korean skincare and cosmetics and also because of its convenience.  Plus there are tons and tons of good deals and bundles like buy 1 take 1 and limited edition items (just hearing those groups of words makes me flex my fingers and say "I'm ready to click to get you") and promos for a trip abroad especially this holiday season.  But there are times that I miss these great deals (I missed a lot of food sale deals, ohhh those cupcakes should have been mine and my girlfriends) because I didn't manage to go the payment center or the line to the bank is so long and right now you're gonna probably ask me "Don't you have a credit card?".  Ladies and gents, I do have one but I don't use it and I even don't know if it's still active because I have this fear that someone will hack or get my precious personal details and financially sensitive information and use my card to do a shopping galore or book a trip somewhere to unwind.  I know it's "praning" much but with all the news that I hear about online scamming asking some personal info that seems legit to give in a legit looking website, I just worry that I have to pay a sum amount of hard earned money for someone I do not even know or disappoint my friends or my family after promising them a nice cozy dinner deal that I got online (I couldn't bare the frown that they will give me).

Now Maybank encourages its cardholders to not miss on opportunities of having adventures, creating memories or glorified moments when you get a fantastic deal or discovered something new by providing a safe and secure solution for online shopping via Maybank Credit Card through Maybank Secure Online Shopping or simply MSOS.

Now MSOS (that's easy to remember), provides a One-Time-Password to its Maybank MasterCard and Maybank Visa cardholders everytime they perform a transaction on a 3D secure site. 3D secure sites are labeled with Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.
So how does MSOS work:

First step: When Maybank Credit Cardholder will check out his/her items in a 3D secure site for payment, he/she needs to fill out the necessary details.

Next:  Maybank Credit Cardholder will be directed to an authentication page and will receive a One-Time-Password in his/her registered mobile phone number within 30-45 seconds.

Lastly, Maybank Credit Cardholder must enter the One-Time-Password he/she received in the authentic page to complete the transaction.  Take note the One-Time-Password will only be valid for 5 minutes.

Easy and secured right?, plus Maybank well be creating deals with partner online merchants in days to come for an enjoyable shopping experience.

Ready to enjoy a worry free and secured online shopping?

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!

*this is a sponsored post

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