January 20, 2014

January 2014 Read: American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Nope, I'm not going to do a book review ala high school style.  I'm actually not going to make a book review because I believe each reader have their own interpretation and in their minds...well in my mind...hmmm let's just use in our mind, we make or build our own worlds when reading, am I right?  I hope yes!

Instead, I'll just be talking about the book that I'm currently reading because reading the books that I horded last year is in my to do list and Neil Gaiman' American Gods is one of them.

American Gods
Neil Gaiman

I already started reading this and I'm halfway through it but because of change of work schedule and some kind of un-understandable depression, I completely didn't have the time to read unlike before wherein I wouldn't sleep unless I finish the book that I'm reading.

American Gods caught my attention because I stumbled on an amazing list before (I forgot where) and it's number one.  Also included in the list is the Battle Royale.

Neil Gaiman's writing style is very new to me and I have to admit that it took me a lot of chapter before I could get a grip of the book.  Then I get excited with how the story goes then I get lost and the cycle goes on and on and it's taking me time to finish the book.


If you already read American Gods by Neil Gaiman let me know what you think and help me know more about the book.  Oh and if you happened to stumble on the list that I'm talking about above, please give me the link too :)

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. I have read this book and I love it! Please finish reading it if you haven't yet! Also, they're planning to make a TV Series out of it! Really excited. :D

    1. just finished reading it and it wpuld be really nice of they will make a tv series out of it...there's a lot of juicy twist and turns with the story


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