February 18, 2014

DIY: Kid~dish Recipe Notebook

I wanted my recipe book/notebook to be cool like all the pages are in black then I'll use a silver to write the ingredients and procedures.  But I also want it to be practical like even if it splattered with water or oil, there will be significant evidence that will impair the condition of the book.

I hope you are following Estee vlog's at and watched the "episode" where she featured HAM because that's where I got the idea of the cover of my recipe notebooks although mine is unprofessionally done and very childish (I was not rained with a drawing skill, so please understand and just laugh to yourself if you find my pot and whisk very "unbelievable".

back to basic

The pot represent cooking while the whisk baking, it's as simple as that.  To make it more obvious I wrote the words "cook" and "bake" although I argued to myself for days if I should just use the words "make" and "create" and the third notebook (that I'll make in the future) "celebrate".

And to make the notebooks more durable I covered them with adhesive book cover.

very simple but reliable, next recipe on my blog:  beef with broccoli

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. Nice little books! :)
    Check out my new post :

  2. Love the idea and I think they look cute. The drawings are actually quite cool and it doesn't look childish at all.
    Really want to know your recipe for beff with broccoli. Can't wait.

    And yes, the brushes were only €5, I've tried them and they are quite good for the price, so I bought a new set that won't be used. They will just sit pretty in my room!


    1. whoah, I am not proud of my drawing skills hehehe so thanks that it doesn't look childish at all to you. and the brushes looks really good and cheap too compared with etude's

  3. ganda! i love it!
    not childish at all. simple but pretty and functional.

    -angel of invisiblestilettos.com

    1. salamat ng marami, akala ko talaga ang dami tatawa but I like them kasi I want cooking and baking to be playful and so as these little stuff too :D

  4. Great idea, and it's really useful too and still look cute! It's very organized :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo



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