March 8, 2014

Here Goes the Innisfree Masks Again

Ughh I'm having a terrible headache and the only solution to this sickness is ICE CREAM :P  But sheet masks once in a while is also good.

I just used the rice variant yesterday and my skin looks brighter.  Anyway, here are the 3 Innisfree It's Real Masks that I used this week.

Innisfree It's Real Masks in Lemonlime, Rice and Kiwi

The greatest from this batch is the rice variant which reminds me of the Shiseido White Lucent Power Brightening Mask which is simply amazing but it's out of my budget  so this one from Innisfree is perfect for me.  It has the same milky essence, almost have the same smell and the same effect.

Innisfree It's Real Rice Mask is moisturizing, brightening and makes the skin glowing.  The essence is heavy and a bit oily when I removed the sheet and needs a lot of massaging for my skin to fully absorbed the essence but the extra effort is worth it because I don't need to put the rest of my skincare products and because of the effects that I just mentioned.  Also, this mask has the flap in the eye area as shown in the websites so I'm wondering if the rest of the Innisfree masks that I have are fake (I hope not, please >_<).  Got this variant from an ebay seller named bhappywithme at around P45 or more or less $1.

It seems like my face have a hate relationship with citrus variant sheet masks and the Lemonlime is not an exception.  Innisfree It's Real Lemonlime Mask has this oily essence that is not pleasant to the face and at the same time it has an overpowering alcohol smell.  Didn't enjoy my moment of relaxation with this mask and it really didn't do anything significant to the well being of my skin (ahahaha that made me laugh) which is good in the sense that citrus-flavored mask gives me zits or minor breakouts but still disappointed me with it's overall performance.

And lastly, we have the Kiwi variant.  Innisfree It's Real Gold Kiwi Mask is okay...just your ordinary sheet mask that moisturizes the skin.  Like the Lemonlime, this one also has this oily heavy essence with a bit of an alcohol smell but not as much like the Lemonlime or the smell you get from a 70% solution rubbing alcohol.

Both the Lemonlime and the Gold Kiwi doesn't have the flap on the eye area which makes me wonder if these two are fake, anyway got them for P35 each (that's around P.80) and I will not mention where I got them.  I also didn't bother bother to type the descriptions in the packaging since they are all the same but I read before and forgot where I read it that the color of the circle in the packaging indicates what category does the sheet mask belongs to like for gray it's brightening.  I'm still trying to find it, maybe will just post it to my next Innisfree masks review (I still have 3 left from the brand).

From this batch, The Innisfree It's Real Rice Mask is the clear winner.  I hope the Innisfree in GMarket will go on sale again.  Will definitely ask Bae Lu to order this particluar variant for me.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. I looooove sheet masks! I stock up on them all the time, and I also really love trying new ones! :D I haven't tried the ones that you reviewed here before, but I am definitely putting it on my shopping list! :D

    1. I also love sheet masks that I also stock up everytime I shop. the rice variant from Innisfree is really good

  2. Seems like a nice one! :)
    Never tried them though. Am planning to.
    Happy Women's Day Arya :)

  3. Ice-cream helps in so many ways!!!!!
    I really do miss my sheet masks so much... though not all of them are that good and you have to try out a lot of them to find the right ones.
    I know! But I had to order again because korean products are the only ones that actually DO something good to my face... others i have tried from western brands just don't work, including more expensive ones and then i get really depressed.
    Since I don't have to pay anything extra, the only inconvenience is going across town to get them.

    1. same here, most korean products works pretty well on my skin. I also always order online because they are much cheaper especially when there's sale in korea.
      if there's any is the instant answer :)

  4. yes to ice cream being the perfect pick-me-upper! hehehe! too bad those face masks did not do the trick :( i do hope you didn't get the fake ones! do they have a website? try comparing the packaging sis.

    1. innisfree's website sucks so I only rely with other bloggers posts. the rice is amazing though


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