March 28, 2014

March 2014 Haul: Make-up is Starting to Invade Me

There's probably a time in every girl's life that suddenly she wake's up and remembered that she's a girl and make-up must be present in her cabinet.

A little late but due to youtube, blogs, pressure and a little pondering, I decided that make-up must enter my life.  Don't worry, this haul is not purely make-up items but a blush, eyeshadows, and brushes are already overwhelming for me that I decided to make a little intro about make-up.

The Saem On The Blackhead Volcanic Steam Gel Cleaner P260/around $6
Missha The Style Mono Touch CBE01 P150/around  $3.50
Missha The Style Triple Perfection Shadow P160/around $3.70

My sister said the eyeshadows that I got are too small (they are just about thumb size) but for a beginner and a not-so-into-make-up like me, these are just perfect and I guess I can hit pan them before they expire.  Also got a gel cleaner from The Saem because my blackheads are just so stubborn.  The sachets are freebies, I actually got some cookies and fudge bar too as a freebie but immediately ate them.  I ordered these plus the socks below from Bae Lu.

Assorted Socks at P60/around $1.50

Cute! I decided to get these quirky socks because my normal black and gray socks are always missing.  Look how cool the bunny with mustache is!

Next are stuff from Trinoma.  I got the Ellana Lip & Cheek Cream Color in Strawberry Red in Crossings and so far loving it because the color looks natural plus it stays for almost the whole day.  The brushes are from Landmark:  the brow liner brush is okay but I'm impressed with the kabuki brush because it's dense and soft and didn't bleed when I washed it.

Artist Studio Angled Brow Liner Brush P49.75/around $1.20
Noconi Kabuki Brush P144.75/around $3.30
Ellana Lip & Cheek Cream Color P250/around $5.80

Some random stuff that I got from Landmark are these powder container where I put the mineral foundation that I got from Ellana and a set of cord holder with owl design.  I also can't resist not to get some tea from the grocery (my new obsession I guess?).

Powder Container P39.75/around $95
Cord Holder P49.75/around $1.15
Celestial Sleeptime P70
The Coffee Bean English Breakfast P179.30
Stash Decaf Tea Chai Spice P151.20

A strainer for baking purposes only and a tea pot for the green tea that I got from China Town.  They look good and seems durable.  And lastly a glass jar that I got from SM, again for the green tea leaves.

Round Strainer around P30/around $.70
Stainless Steel Pot P209.75/$4.90
Hosh Elvaston Glass Jar P79.75/around $1.90

That's all!  I hope I'll buy less stuff next month.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. OHMYGOD! I so like everything from your haul!!!! Goddd!!!!

  2. Believe it or not makeup had just started to creep into me. About 2 years ago. I was just almost purely a skin care girl. I don't knwo what happened.

    1. latebloomers ahahaha, looking at my skincare storage area i find that a quarter of the space is now filled wirh make-up. oh no what is happening?

  3. Loved your haul!!! SO you are trying out some different teas! English Breakfast is one of my favourites.
    Regarding the make up, it does happen like that, one you decide you really should get at least the very basic and it turns out the basics are quite a lot of items...
    And the socks you got are simply adorable and you can never have too many socks!
    The Real Art Oil by Etude requires a lot of careful usage when using it on the eyes. You can NEVER soak a cotton pad!!! The problem is if a little liquid goes inside your eye, then it will hurt and it also blurs your vision for a while, something I don't like it either... Still, if you're not in a hurry, you can make it work without any harm, but, you need a lot of time and need to be EXTREMELY careful...
    I'm now trying one by Garnier that seems to be very, very good! Bioderma is a little expensive, so I haven't tried it yet...
    Take care

    1. and I almost bought it instead from the ones from will a long period of time before the Garnier cleansing oil will be available here but oh well just just order online.
      Thanks, I also like how my haul is like assortment of almost everything. I'm still trying to get the basic of the basic of make-up the ones that I got are shimmery, I wanted a matte pallette soon

  4. Oh very gorgeous haul sweetie, cute eyeshadows!

    1. thanks, they are quite cute and affordable too (got them on sale)


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