March 30, 2014

They Hate Me = I Hate Them: Drugstore Products That Just Won't Work

Well, for me.  Some of the products here works okay with other people but it seems like my skin and scalp are brats these days that the most behaved part of my body is surprisingly my face.

Affordable and readily available are two major characteristics why I always roam around department or grocery stores.  Most of the time, the products that I buy works just fine but in this batch, everything seems bad to me.

Asian Secrets Lulur Body Scrub with Seaweed Extract and Vitamin E - P137 (around $3.20)
Surprise?  I know there are a lot of gals loving this scrub but it did a great deal of a damage to my skin.  After using this twice, I find myself scratching every part of my body and small itchy reddish bumps (like acne/pimples) started to appear.  There are three probable reasons for this shocking effect:  first is that the whitening ingredient in this scrub is just too much for my skin, second is probably an allergic reaction to the seaweed extract and third might be because of the small beads; polyethelene (a type of plastic), that acts as the scrub irritated my skin.

Olay Regenerist Cleanser - deluxe sample from the Olay Regenerist Specialty Cleanser Set
This one also has polyethelene that after just using it for a day, a few numbers of mini bumps appeared on my face.  I gave it another chance after a week but the result is still the same.  I also hate how this one smells like plastic.

Lorys Deep Moisturizing Hair Cream - P185 (around $4.30)
It's great that this hair mask can be use as an intensive mask and an everyday conditioner.  A week has passed of using it and my hair still feel damaged and became stiffer (but a bit straighter) than before.  I thought I can live with it and maybe after a few more weeks my hair would finally be less damaged and moisturized.  Rather, I found myself scratching my scalp intensively after some days so I finally gave up and decided to kick this hair mask out of the shower.

Essence Mosaic Compact Powder - P229 (around $5.30)
My first ever compact that I should have a bit of some kind of sentimental feeling with it but I find this too glittery.  I'm aware that there are parts of this compact that have glitters on it but when I swatched it before purchasing, the glitters look subtle, sheen and nice.  For the first few swirls, this compact actually looks good but as I swirl deeper, I find the glitters getting bigger (which I hate) and it also started to make my face itchy.  I heard a lot of good thing about Essence's translucent powder though which is what I planned to buy in the first place but it was (and still) out of stock.

Common denominator of these products: making me itchy!

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. Not a fan of Asian Secrets and that Olay Cleanser too. I want denser scrubby bits. Pero I don't react badly to them. Baka mas ok ka dun sa mga peeling gels na nagc-clump up yung cellulose? That's what I'm using now.

    1. seems like peeling gels/gommage are better for me or i'll just go back to st. ives

  2. i got the same compact from essence and i hate it too, the sa said it was a highlighter before i purchased the swatches are nice it's light but when i got home it has too much browns, hahaha!

    1. so far I'm not impress with essence but I do hope that I can try their loose powder that most filipino bloggers rave about, sana they have stocks na so both of us can try it :)

  3. People have different opinions and products work differently on each and every skin. So what might be good for some, can be terrible for others. Products that make me itchy are definitely not ok and scrubs are the type we must be very careful and choose wisely because, as you said, they can cause a lot of damage!
    The only brand I’ve tried was Essence. Never got anything from the other brands you talked about, but the price you paid for the compact powder is the same for Portugal, actually. I’m currently trying out the Essence Mattifying compact powder and so far no itchy feeling and I testing if the tiny pimples that decided to show, are from the powder or not. However, I do like the finish and it actually mattifies my skin without looking too powdery.

    1. yeah, I just got unlucky with these products and blame my sensitive skin. Some of the Essence product are affordable here while some are super expensive than in other country. Forgot the name of the powder that people here are raving about maybe it's the mattifying powder that you have so I'll wait for your review :)


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