April 21, 2014

April 2014 Haul: Hooray for Free Stuff

This April I ate lots of chocolates courtesy of my brother (who also gave me some other free stuff) and I'm so happy and fluffy at the same time (I think I gain like a kilo from eating chocolates for a week).

My friends also gave me other stuff:  a former colleague gave me a Deep Cleansing Hand Soap from Bath & Body Works (plus candies too) as pasalubong and our friend KB also gave me a Collagen Food Supplement, sachets of Rotenyu Meguri which I thought was a scrub (it's not) and Egyptian Magic Cream which I love and so happy to receive.

I also got a cute manicure set from the local department store; SM, which surprised me when I'm already paying because it's at 50% off, passport holder to protect my unused passport (I really should book a flight soon) and a pair of slippers that is not so comfortable at first but is now a massage on my feet after a long day of walking.

And I cannot believe that I fell in love with the shirt because fruit on my tees are not my cup of tea but the mint color and the orange just go so well and I also got pants that are so comfortable and both are cheap!

And last batch of this haul consist of mochi, teas and a brow gel.  I got the Royal Family Mochi in Red Bean and Green Tea and I said to myself "these mochis will be perfect for my tea time) but it turns out that they go well with Coke too =) The teas are for me to sleep well at night but they seem to not helping me at the moment.  And lastly a brow gel from Essence to...I really don't know why I bought it :P

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. You did get quite a lot of good goodies!!!!! My chocolate bunny lasted for two days, started yesterday morning and just finished a while ago. And I will regret it since I already have a tiny pimple showing...
    Thank you so much for your sweet message, though it would have been cool if you had come here to eat the chocolate, you're quite welcome! But I see you got plenty of sweets to eat. Hope you enjoyed them.
    Kisses and take care!


    1. i just wish I had a teleportation power and go anywhere in the world and show up in your window :P yeah I enjoyed the sweets and I have mini pimples too from eating them but that's okay since my tummy is happy

  2. Nice haul sis! I would to try KB talaga and egyptian magic, I always see it sa online shops and nice reviews din. Passport holder is so cool! BBW , their products smell so good!

    1. I like the BBW lotion that is in cucumber variant, kb still doesn't send anything to you?

  3. nice haul :) i am sure everyone wants to have some free stuffs too! just like you :)

  4. I guess April is another happy month for you, and consider those chocolates as your dose of good vibes.


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