April 3, 2014

EcoTools Bamboo 5 Piece Brush Set

To be honest, my sister is my main influence with it comes to make-up and all it's shenanigan.  She's also the one who told me about the MakeupChair who suggest make-up and brushes that guides me as a beginner.  One of her videos featured these EcoTools brushes which is so cute in my innocent eyes so I got them.

Mineral Powder Brush/Eye Shading Brush/ Concealer Brush/Baby Kabuki

This Bamboo 5 piece brush set is earth friendly in the sense that the handles are made from bamboo (which is very appealing to me), the bristles are made of 100% cruelty-free soft taklon (which looks pretty in my eyes) and recycled aluminum ferrules.  The fifth item in the set is the cosmetic case which is made of natural cotton and hemp and even the storage pouch encasing the whole set is reusable.

Overall, the bristles of this brush set are soft, doesn't irritate my skin, dense enough  and doesn't bleed when washed.

Mineral Powder Brush is use to apply powder or mineral foundation all over the face in a circular, buffing motion and work inward towards the nose.  I sometimes use this with my darkest shade of blush to "contour" my cheeks (I apply the blush in between the hollows and the chubby part of my cheeks) because the center is a bit dented (no it's not a defect and if it's a defect, then I liked it ahahaha) so it's elongated a little like oblong shape.

Eye Shading Brush is said that it is expertly cut to apply and blend powder eye shadows. I think this is a bit big to be an eyeshadow brush? I'm having a hard time using it for that purpose although I have to admit that my eyeshadows are in very small containers and I also have small eyes.  For me, this is more like a fluffy blending brush.

Concealer Brush is small enough to be used on my under-eyes.  I don't cover my freckles and other discoloration in my face that much because I wanted my make-up to look more natural so I only use it whenever my under-eyes look extra dark.  The bristles of this one is more sturdier and straighter but still doesn't irritate my skin.  Oh I also use this to apply eyeshadows :)

Baby Kabuki is for buffing powder over areas that need more coverage but most of the time I use this as a blush brush (I use this all the time).  It has a dome shape before but is now deformed because of me constantly tagging and pulling whenever I wash it plus the bristles are shedding now (I used to be very brutal in washing my brushes, poor baby kabuki).  I keep complaining how small the handle of this brush is but it's a baby version so I shouldn't complain (so I got an "adult" kabuki).

Cosmetic Case is big enough to house all this brushes plus a small pot of eyeshadow, a lippie, a not so big blush and a mini size bb cream or foundation so it's a perfect partner when travelling.

I forgot how much I paid for these but it's more or less around $15 including shipping (If I remember it right) but there are a lot of local sellers (I'm talking Philippines here) that are already offering these brushes now.

I think this bamboo brush set from EcoTools are perfect for beginners like me, for travel because it's small enough that it can fit in the palm of my hand and also for those who want a cruelty free and vegan brushes.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. I've been wanting to try these for so long but I haven't got the chance to get it for myself. Totally love the bamboo handles! So natural! But as recently TFS got sale, I got 2 brushes from the brand already, hence this has to wait. Hehe anyway, thanks for sharing! Totally goes to my Q3 2014 wish list.
    Love, Mira | ht://lemieletlavanille.blogspot.com

    1. it definitely has to wait :) but these ecotools brushes are really cool

  2. this EcoTools Bamboo 5 Piece Brush Set is good for travelling. how much is this set?

  3. My boyfriend gift that same set the last year. I have that set unopened but looks great.
    Thanks for your review sweetie`

  4. soo cute..i loved them
    Great review..

    myrecent one :http://www.cosmochics.com/reviews/mac-lipsticks-review-swatches-of-candy-yum-yum-lickable-amorous-riri-woo-mac-taupe-russian-red-rebel-craving

    1. me too, i wish i could still save the baby kabuki brush

  5. i super love the packaging of this sis.nice handles din :)

  6. It’s true! You can never go wrong with English Breakfast Tea!
    I've seen a lot of people buying these brushes and i do want to try them, though it won't be anytime soon, since after my March shopping I'll be on a budget diet, as I explained on my post. They look really great and so smooth. The eyehadow brush does look more suited for blending than for applying eyeshadow. Maybe for more neutral colours, when you don't need a lot of detailed work on your eyes?

    Thanks for the sweet encouraging comment. I guees I will have to keep waiting for my rainbow after this very long tempestuous period of my life.
    Take care


    1. yeah maybe and I'm also limiting my purchases nowadays, we're on the same boat :D

  7. sis do they sell the kabuki brush separately? :)

    1. i think ectools have separate kabuki brushes but not the baby one :(


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