April 6, 2014

Etude House Vitamin Face Masks

Different kinds of vitamins is essential to ones being.  So why not also put them on the face?  Here are three sheet masks from Etude House with different kinds of vitamins as essence.

Etude House Essence Masks in Vitamin E, C and A
Regular price: P58/ around $1
Links/Websites:  Etude House PhilippinesEtude House Global/ Etude House Philippines facebook page

I find that these combo of sheet masks are perfect:  Vitamin E for nourishment, Vitamin C for brightening and Vitamin A for skin tightening.

Vitamin E Essence Mask Sheet is formulated with Vitamin E and rich essence for skin protecting care.  This one is very moisturizing that even if I didn't moisturize my skin the day after I use it, my skin is still soft and smooth and well, moisturize.  Among the 3 this is my favorite.

Next is the Vitamin C Mask Sheet which is formulated with Vitamin C and rich essence for skin brightening care.  This one is sticky so I went back to my old habit of refrigerating my mask before using which somehow helped in reducing the stickiness.  This is also a bit moisturizing and brightening but continuous use is needed in order to see maximum result.

Same goes with Vitamin A Mask Sheet which is formulated with (can you guess what?) Vitamin A and rich essence for tightening care.  This has a "funny" smell, I actually can't explain or understand the concoction.  The effect is not very noticeable but my pores shrunk a little and again, continuous is needed to see the amazing result of skin tightening which can prevent wrinkles :D

If you want to know more about this vitamins, you can read this link that I found while browsing for some description.

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  1. Great review :) I never know Etude House have this products. Glad you shared them. Will buy this next time.


    1. aside from the fruit based masks they also have these vitamins..welcome :D

  2. I really miss my sheet masks!!!! those seem really nice, but the new store I found, that is in Spain and the items reach me in two days without any problems, doesn't have those. But I'm pretty I will try the ones they have, because sheet masks show true results in my opinion.

    I hope I can make a proper reviw on the nude palette... I'm not too good at playing with eye shadows.
    They have become a bit glittery, now that some of the first layer of powder has been used.

    Check my post on the Sunshine award and thank you so much!

    1. I pre order my sheet masks online because they are much cheaper but I have to wait forever to have them.
      i'm not also good with eyeshadows no matter what i do :D

  3. I haven't tried these! Puro yung cutesy fruit-themed masks palang nagagamit ko. So far so good. :)

    1. almost all the sheet masks that I tried have fruit based essence so just for a change I tried these that have vitamins and they're overall okay :D

  4. I love refrigerated sheet masks! So cool and soothing.


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