May 30, 2014

Blues with a Touch of Pink and well...Brown

Here goes the bundle reviews again, this time I have four products to talk about.

Cetaphil Skin Cleanser
I hate this when I was a kid because it doesn't bubble (bubble makes a kid happy, right?) but when my skin allergy declares war, I have no choice but to use this or Dove.  Now that I'm older, I appreciate how mild and gentle this cleanses; and at the same time, soften my skin.  It's a 2 in 1 product too because I can use it on my face and body (and sometimes in my scalp too) and my skin just loves it!

Lander Foot Scrub
I saw this from one of Shayne's post of (visit and greet her blog, it just turned 1 and Shayne is hosting a giveaway!) and because it has a peppermint on it, I got intrigued.  It's a mild foot scrub that can be use on a daily basis and the peppermint scent is just relaxing, it tricks my brain into thinking that my feet somehow feels cool.

Soap&Glory Hand Food
I sometimes hate the smell of this one but it's just mild that I can live with it and just concentrate on how well it moisturizes my hands and my feet too.  It's non-sticky and it says in the description that it has shea butter, macadamia oil and MARSHMALLOW!!!! yum yum.  I also like how it softens callus.

Bench Organics Coffee&Honey Body Scrub
Now if I get lazy making my own scrub, I reach out to this scrub.  It mildly scrubs without drying and it has honey which is a natural skin softener and has antibacterial properties.  I can't smell the coffee part and I can't tell if this can really firm and tone skin.  Aside from crushed apricot seeds though, this one has polyethylene which irritates my skin lately so I might not get a third tub.  Too bad, I really like the smell and gentleness of this scrub.

Next month, I think I'll bundle hair products for this kind of post.
p.s. for the prices and other details of the products, just click the name and it will lead you either on amazon or to the online shops of the brand or to someone else blog where I heard the product


  1. I've tried Lander and Cetaphil! Currently I'm using Physiogel, recommended by my derma for me and le boyfriend. I haven't tried anything from Bench Organics but since I'm a huge fan of body scrubs esp. coffee, I will check this out! :D

    1. i'm planning to try physiogel after cetaphil. bench have other variants of the scrub too but I just like the coffee and honey. I also like their argan oil though di siya pure argan oil

  2. i was about to say that i like the same foot scrub when i saw my name-- she mentioend me! thank you! <3 haha. im still using the same scrub up to now :) and facial wash too, i used to prefer the foamy facial wash brands before i became familiar with cetaphyl, after that i just go for simple gentle products. btw sis i searched the diy scrub recipe you made before (sugar + oil) im thinking of DIY-ing a chocolate flavored one but i couldnt find a nice recipe with out coconut oil, any recos? :)

    1. hi Shayne hahaha welcome. for the scrub I thik you can just use honey instead of oil to bind your ingredients although it will be a little hard to spread the scrub into your skin

    2. or you can use other oils like vitamin e oil, I'm actually thinking of buying the myra e gel capsules to put into my scrub or conditioner for extra nourishment

    3. pwede :) good idea ive seen those sa grocery just not sure how much they cost, sana hindi expensif.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. not sure din, sana di ginto hahaha


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