June 19, 2014

June 2014 Haul: I'm Still Alive

Like the plant above which everyone think is already dead, I'm still alive!  Just got busy with paper works which is just a big pain in the neck, but it's okay since I like the reason behind why I'm doing paperworks.  Anway, haul time and I'm happy to report that I accumulated only a few items (but I'm going to buy lots of clothes...I already bought 3 items and planning to grab more basics).

Another body butter from The Body Shop and I'm so happy because I got it for free that I gave my mini shea body whip lotion to my sister and I'm planning to also give the olive body butter to someone who have dry/sensitive skin like me.  The generic konjac sponge (around $1.25) is my alternative to Olay Regenerist Cleansing System which I can't use on a daily basis.  And since someone went to Korea and don't mind buying stuff for me, I ask for the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Black Heat Out Balm which is luckily on sale (I think it's only aroun $3.50).

That same friend also brought home the above tea which I thought are in teabags and was so surprised to find them in granules meaning it's an instant tea.  And lastly, something for my toe nails to avoid blister and further damage to their abnormalities (I have a weird feet, but that's okay).

That's it, I'm amazed at my self control this month!


  1. you're back! i think had one of those blueberry scented body butters before. it was gifted to me for christmas :)

    1. i thought I'll be getting the scrub but who am I to complain :) it's free!

  2. Nice post. Will try to increase our korean cosmetics in our online store and maybe you could check it out. :) Thanks!

  3. Is the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Black Head Out Balm effective? That's intriguing but I don't know if it's available here.


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