November 14, 2014

Toby's Estate. Coffee Roasters.

I thought that I have a photo of at least the paper "mat" but I must have deleted it after the embarrassing semi loud shuttering sound uttered by my camera phone so I only have the above indicating that I dine at Toby's Estate.

When I first entered the premises of this resto, I felt intimated at the same time amazed and feeling at home because of it's interiors:  communal and hydraulic tables, "Scandinavian designs", industrial but elegant and welcoming lights, succulents and cacti and coffee, sweets and food plus even though the crew is busy, they always flash their smile~ my favorites in one place but I feel out of place because it feels "sosyal" and I'm not hehehe.

I usually just order coffee or tea to go but the other day I got a little lucky (meaning I have excess money to be a little fancy), asked my sister to have a simple dinner date with me and I almost got all over the place and take photos of every corner of the place ahahaha.  Of course I didn't do the last thing I said :P

Let's get to the food!

I'm not a connoisseur, but I love cheese: cheese ice cream, cheese pop corn, extra cheese in my pasta and so on and so forth so it's natural for me to get a Grilled Four Cheese which has ricotta, emmenthal, mozzarela and parmigiano with garlic, thyme and pepper in ciabatta served with homemade potato chips and spicy tomato compote.  The cheeses are mild and the compote is actually not that spicy.  I wanted the ciabatta to be more grilled (as in I wanted the marks of the grill) but overall it's a perfect mate for the pasta we ordered.

Crumbled spanish chorizo with spicy tomato sauce and basil oil, that's Rigatoni.  This is a very flavorful meal, my sister said that it's too flavorful but it's perfect for me especially with the grilled cheese and the Iced Chai Latte that I'm drinking (first picture, and I'm very sorry about the photos~very low quality because of the downgrade of my phone but if you guys know where I can buy a battery for htc desire, let me know.  And I know that my HTC is an old model but it's takes great picture!) which I very much appreciate ever since I learned what it's made of and how it is made.  Main reason why I like going to Toby's for coffee and tea:  they are REAL not "overcoated" with sweetness and flavorings.

Last time I felt heaven with a strawberry cake, now I fell head over heels with Carmen's Ice Cream.

It's melting like a butter in my mouth, slowly making it's way to my taste buds~tinkling then attacking them like a machine gun.  We got the salted caramel and every teaspoon of it tasted and shouting SALTED CARAMEL, I wanted to have a teaspoon fight with my sister and be selfish but she's the one who paid for it.  After the experience, I wanted to try all the flavor's of Carmen's Ice Cream!!!

Will definitely date myself or someone here again :)


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