June 29, 2015

Shiseido, Canmake, Etude and Laneige Haul

There are many types of reasons.  There are those reasonable that no matter what argument you throw, the reason is fair and sensible.  And there are those unreasonable which might be a result of an impulse, like my reason for these haul which starts with "Just because".

"Just because" someone from Japan is coming to Manila (thank you my friend), I got the Shiseido Perfect Whip Cleanser and the Canmake Shading Powder.  I don't basically need them but heck these two are waaaaaay cheaper in Japan than in here, so why not.

Aside from the usual sachets of samples (thankfully, I only got two BB creams which is a miracle.  I usually give away sample bb creams because they are too light for my skintone although I'm fair and pale) and face mask, I got some nice deluxe sample products.  I'm actually expecting some Laneige samples but heck these are awesome and will be perfect for travel.  Got these because of the below purchases.

Etude House Wonder Pore Clay Mask is a crazy and last minute purchase because I just wanted to make sulit of the shipping fee that I paid.  Again, I don't need this but the shipping fee...anyway it's cheaper than the clay mask that I'm planning to buy plus it's on sale.

These two items from Laneige are the real reason why I made another transaction with  Sae Sil Parknshop...I got them "Just because" they miraculously went on a 30% off sale. WOW

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask is the "newer" version of the Water Sleeping Pack_EX which I love.  This got pricier, my gosh yet the feel of the packaging became cheaper...I like the frosty effect but I feel like the older version looks more classy and sturdy.  Anyway, let's see if this is better than the Pack_EX.

And because I'm getting older, I just need to get the firming version- Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack.  Narcissist it may seem, but I wanted to delay the sagging of my face :)

What are you're not so reasonable reasons in purchasing lately?  Be honest!


  1. sis omg pls review the laneige sleeping pack and the firming version. that product has made my wishlist kasi i keep seeing it on bloggers i trust. how much did you get it from? i just added that shop not really familiar with how FB shops work pero sana sale pa diiiin. how much usually is its original price (DAMING TANONG HAHA)
    miss your blog! :)

    1. The "older" version -the sleeping pack-ex, is really really good which made me want to try more products from laneige. Haven't started trying these two pero bukas na bukas din, start na ako :)
      the markup of laneige philippines is not that high 1250 ata for the sleeping pack ex and around 1800 for the firming pero sa korea kasi nagsasale sila up to 30%. I got for 1200 and 1300, not quite sure of the exact amount since I got an additional 3% discount as returning customer.
      Anyway, with Sae Sil she announces what are on sale on her fb page. I go to her albums which are categorize by brand and the sale dates and prices are indicated in the pics. Laneige is currently not on sale but will ask as to when will be the "estimated" date/period of sale :D
      Thanks Shayne, always love your blog. Will print some of the Harry Potter stuff soon, I want to print the Hogwarts logo and use it as a workstation cover in the office


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