July 5, 2017

Everything Too Faced

Oh Hey!  It's been a while...let's just start immediately with my thoughts with some Too Faced products...Game Changer if you ask me for a summary.

Too Faced primed Poreless Skin Smoothening Pressed Powder
I don't like wearing foundation because as soon as I set my foot outside, hulas agad - foundation starts to melt and this one solved that problem.  This finely milled pressed powder can be use as a primer or as a setting powder or both.  It's makes the skin soft, smooth and slightly matte.  It also makes me less sweaty - now I'm on drier side of the skin spectrum so I don't know how will this fair with oil control.

Girlies out their  will like the princessy packaging and the size is perfect to carry around (it's slim) and it has a decent mirror too.  I just don't like the sponge that came with it but I like that there's a compartment for it to hide extra money.  Char! Hindi favorite sponge or small brush.

Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Matte Long Wear Lipstick
This is my very first liquid matte lipstick and I got a little nervous to get and try it because I am not a super fan of matte lips, my logic is: matte = dry lips.  I also have clumsy hands which makes me think that applying is a challenge.

I got the shade Sell Out and man I love the color very much it's really like my lips but better.  Surprisingly this liquid lipstick is easy to apply as it just glides naturally although I have to be a bit fast because it quickly sets and turn matte.  It minimally transfers to stuff but it's long lasting that it can survive lunch, snacks, an eat all you can korean bbq dinner, four glasses of liquid with every now and then sipping and a thirty minute jog without being patchy but of course as the activities go by, the color diminishes but is still there that there is no need to touch up.  It's also comfortable to wear it, it's not too heavy and drying but...
after eating korean bbq buffet, yup it still look pigmented

The downside is after three days of using it I feel like like my lips are drying so moisturization is a must to avoid the cakey lipstick look that I hate.  By the way, since I like my lipstick to look a bit natural looking what I usually do is only apply dots on my lips and then swipe it with my finger and top it with a little bit of lip balm (just a little so it would still have the matte effect).  Then I just use whatever amount that is in my finger as a blush.

The trio really smells like peaches!  Although I'm shy when it comes to wearing highlighters, I appreciate these three colors because with the right amount, it makes my face looking less dull.  I usually layer them starting with the middle color almost all over my cheeks, and then the lighter one on the upper part and then with the bronzy color I just tap a little tap of my cheeks to have a slightly sun kissed look.  If I'm going for the drunken style of blushing, I just used sweep the brush that I used on my nose bridge.

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