June 16, 2012

Be Kind to Me: My "The Face Shop" Haul!

After hauling and shopping non-stop almost every week for skincare products, I told myself that I should stop and will not explore other Korean Beauty shops aside from the 3 that I visited.....

Until came The Face Shop (oh noooo, my savings).

I don't have any idea about the brand and i also do not have the intention to research about its products.  But my friend did the job for me (good thing it's just partial "exploration") as she visited one of The Face Shop's boutique while on a vacation leave, which is partially my fault since I'm the one who introduced her to Korean Skincare products.

Aside from my friend's chit-chat about the products that she got, a blog got my attention. While browsing the net, i chanced upon a blog showing the freebies that a blogger got just by purchasing a P150 membership card.  And boy, they are enticing!

As I said, I don't have the intention to deeply research about the shop's products to avoid temptation but of course, I don't want to go to a shop just to avail a card.  And so I got this cute thing:

Lovely me:ex Waterful Grapefruit Mask P445

I just saw the Lovely me:ex mask series from another blog with the tag wash-off mask.  No name indicated; just cute packagings in yellow, peach and blue, so RESEARCH time!!!!.  And lo and behold, the one in peach is a sleeping mask just the kind of product that I really love to try (I wanted the blue because it's cuter but it's not for my skin type).

Oh I almost forgot about the card and the freebies.

VIP Card

Perks for members

...and the freebies/sample that shall last for around 5 days (according to the packaging), perfect for my upcoming trip...

Will probably visit The Face Shop store again when I run out of the free BB Cream that I have. Any recommendation?

Till then, Bye for now!!!!

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