June 18, 2012

Skin Mal:gem Part 2: Smoother and Deep Moist

So for my first toners, I decided to try the Skin Mal:gem's Smoother (makes me think that it will make my face smooth) and Deep Moist (yep, my face really need some moisture).

"Fruit acids in green grape, exfoliate keratin on a skin clearly for keeping smooth and soft skin."
  • For Normal Skin Type
  • 250 ml
The scent is on a citrusy side with a faint smell of alcohol (I guess it's the alcohol that i smell).  It has a clear and runny (like water) consistency just like any other regular toners.  My face feel and look refresh with a clear, a little matted finish with Smoother.  I use this toner at night after cleansing my face.

I used to apply this toner with the free cotton pads that i got; those in circles specifically made for skin mal:gem toners (or malgeum or malgum).  The circle cotton pads have wavy lines on the other side that helps in the exfoliation process of the skin.  After a week, I have to buy a regular cotton pad (the rectangle one in the grocery stores) as using the circles everyday kind of irritates my dry, sensitive face.  Right now, I'm using the circle and rectangle pads alternately.

Deep Moist
  • For Very Dry Skin Type
  • 250 ml
The tag of Deep Moist is a little funny for me: "Highly nutrient skin to provide the skin with nutrients".  I think Etude House should clarify this.

For the first week, I used the Smoother and Deep Moist side by side at night.  But (for goodness sake), I realized that the two are just basically toners. And since the Deep Moist gives a little moisture on the skin when used, I decided to use this during daytime which saves me from putting another layer emulsion (I commute so it's irritating to put something heavy on my skin).

Same with the Smoother, it has a faint chemical smell to it but it's barely noticeable unless you closely sniff the product but overall, it has a powder-like smell.  Its color is milky white and is thicker than essence but runnier than emulsion.  2 to 4 drops of the product can already cover the face and the neck area.  I don't use cotton pads with this toner, instead I spread then tap the Deep Moist for around 15 seconds or until fully absorbed by the skin.  I like the dewy and the shiny effect (the healthy a little matted kind of shine) it gives me.

I'm on my third week now on using the two toners and they somehow minimizes the appearance of the pores on my cheeks (where the big pores are).  Not dramatically but at least they lessen the visibility (take note that I also use other products like moisturizers, peeling creams and face masks/packs).

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!
p.s. Skin Mal:gem Part 1

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