July 20, 2012

Collagen Addiction

The Moistfull Collagen Essential Massage and First Essence are included in a set that i brought home one find Saturday afternoon from Etude House.
"Formulated with Baobab Tree and Marine Collagen to moisturize and tighten complexion and promote youthful glow."
"Massage application and rinse off hydration mask pack supplies moisture and collagen to bolster dermal integrity."

It's a 2 in 1 product (I guess) suited for those who like daily massage and mask pack that can be use daily (I guess again sinceit doesn't give an adverse effect on me when I used it 3 days straight).  Have you tried mixing dissolved sugar in oil and honey then sprinkled with some Jell-O powder? If yes, then that's the texture of the product: oily and jellyish yet it doesn't feel oily and heavy upon application although my face is shining like oil when I apply this.  If not, then here's a pic.
It's milky orange in color and has a citrusy with a splash of something herbal (like ginger) smell.  After rinsing my face with water (should be lukewarm water).  It's leaves a thin layer of moisture in my skin. PERIOD.
Directions from label:  Dispense onto hands and apply to facial surface by gently massaging onto skin. Gently massage skin for several minutes then wipe off with facial tissue and wash with lukewarm water.

Moistfull Collagen First Essence
"Hydrating moisture essence's 90% collagen composition lifts and tightens complexion to promote radiant glow."

"Highly enriched essence that provided moisture and firmness at any environment.  It's soooo~moist!"

Moist indeed and Sticky too.  And so I'll just use this whenever my face feels extra dry (I also use this 3 days stright)  It has the same scent with the collagen massage and is transparent in color.
Directions for use:  Dispense onto hands and apply to facial surface by gently massaging onto skin.

Overall, these two are good extras for a skincare routine but if you're lazy like me then....nahhhh you (I mean we) don't need them.  What we need is this:
click here for the review :)
Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


  1. I love the collagen massage!!! I tried to order it but they said it has be discontinued QQ ( I have tried tons of samples )

    1. oh no i hope they will not discontinue the cream because i love it, maybe collagen range will totally be replace with the moistfull white range

  2. i am wondering is a collgen not good for acne-prone and oily face?

    1. hmmm I'm actually not sure since I have dry skin..but I read reviews of some bloggers with acne-prone skin type and this cream seems okay with them since it's not that heavy but I guess you better need to use products that are for acne-prone skin type

    2. to know more about collagen you can read http://www.news-medical.net/health/Collagen-What-is-Collagen.aspx


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