July 9, 2012

To the North: Food Trip + EH and TonyMoly

I intended to treat "the kids" (niece and nephew) to a movie but they chose food over Spiderman (hahaha).  And so after an hour of traveling, we headed to Taco Bell in Trinoma; it's already been a year since the last time that I eat there and it's the first time for "the kids".  God I'm so hungry I thought churros was the tastiest food in the world.  After eating tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadilla and floss bread (from Bread Talk), we headed to the next mall, SM North/the Block to buy my stuff (hehehe).  I got so so disappointed with EH and TM that I give in to "the kids" food trip idea.  I want macaroons so we dropped by Tous Les Jours and bwala, walang macaroons (no macaroons for me).  Tired of walking,  we stop to the nearest sweet shop that we saw:  Crepes and Creme; and ordered big crepes for each one of us and to my surprise it's "the kids" treat.  Across and beside the crepe shop is Cinnabon and ChaTime and so while waiting for our crepes, we bought cinnamon roll and milk teas... Oh I'm so full I want to puke already but my niece still want to eat sylvanas.

Now for the real reason why I dragged "the kids" and traveled an hour just to go to these malls:
Etude House's newest product, Happy essential foam.  I got the hyaluronic acid for P228 (150 ml)
TonyMoly's Clear Hair Removal Cream (no english description and instruction grrr) for P378 (80 g) and Collagen and Pearl Mask for P58 each.  I didn't get any freebie since my purchases are P6 short (I wanted to buy more but they don't have stocks of the products that I like).

I just wish these stores have enough stocks for their products!  I mean don't they have reorder point?


  1. I get you when you said that they don't have stocks for products that you like. The best-selling items of EH & TM are almost always out of stock and I don't know why they don't buffer their inventory. But still, I like their stuff so I still go to those stores! Haha.

    New follower here! :)

    1. thanks Helen. yehey you are my first follower. It's really frustating not taking home products that we want from these korean stores but anyways, like you i like their stuff and my skin love their products too :)

    2. My skin loves it too. Haha! :) I'm planning to get the EH Happy Essential Foam in another variant (for my oily skin), since my fave facial wash (EH Happy Teatime) got phased out. :O

    3. they keep on phasing out the good products. i wonder why?


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