August 21, 2012

Purbasari Lulur Mandi Whitening + Vit. E

Finally, my body recovered 90% from my allergy/skin asthma and continued to use some of my skincare products.  For my body I started to use again Purbasari

shot from the cap
Exfoliation is important in skincare routine as it removes dead skincells and reveal the newer skin. Exfoliation is achieved through either mechanical or chemical means.  This scrub is mechanical type.
Whitening extract & Vit. E for Soft White Skin.
Description:  Whitening + Vit. E Body Scrub.  Whitening Extract & Vit. E for Soft White Skin.  Squalene & Olive Oil as Moisturizers.
Usage:  As replacement of Bath Soap, scrub it all over your skin while it's dry.  The scrubs will remove impurities, dead skin & dirt.  Rinse with fresh water.  Frequent usage gives maximum effect.
creamy with generous amount of small transparent particles
I hate the smell of this scrub.  It's overpowering that it irritates not only my nose but also my brother's as well.  It is also hard to spread while the skin is dry so I always dampen my body first prior to using this.  What I like though is the instant effects it gives.  I really feel that it removes dead skin cells as it whitens my skin and leaving it smooth, soft and moisturize.  It's also very affordable at P70 for 100ml.  Not bad right?

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!

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