August 21, 2012

TFS Event: Mr. Son Dae Sik Make-up Show

It's my first time to attend this kind of event and one of the things that I hate (I've imagined it beforehand ) is waiting.  The call time was 4:00 pm but the show started at 5:00 pm. I have other rants about the event but let's just focused on the good things.  I'm amazed that a person can look glamorous in (brace yourself) 10 minutes!!! Yep, Mr. Son Dae Sik made the skin preparation, elaborate explanation with matching jokes and the make-up in just 10 minutes.  Here are the products that he uses that is part of Mr. Son Dae Sik's collection in collaboration with TheFaceShop (or was it vice versa?).
from TFS Phils facebook
from Thefaceshop Phils
I have 1% knowledge about makeup but the THEFACESHOP Face It 1-TOUCH BLUSHER KIT got my attention as it instantly lifted and toned Ms. Mona Luna; the model of the event, cheek area.  I also learned that a meticulous and good skincare routine is very important in most koreans  as it gives the face a natural sheen so the first thing that  Mr. Son Dae Sik to Ms. Mona's face is put an ample amount of moisturizer.

Another thing to thank about events are the freebies.  Here's what TFS's treat for the attendees of the event, mine don't have a face mask though.
very cute and colorful box
and the freebies
Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!

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