September 1, 2012

Snoe White Body Softener

I like collagen as my face loves it.  So when I saw a body softener with collagen from Snoe's website:  Perfect! now my body can enjoy the goodness too.
Anti-Aging, Whitening, Collagen
"Collagen- Rejuvenates aging skin. It is great for toning and moisturizing the skin and delays the effects of aging. Improves skin pigmentation and elasticity
Indulge yourself in moisturizing softness with Snoe White Anti-aging Whitening Collagen Body Softener. Our Silk Softness formula features hydrating moisturizers, state of the art whitening and anti-aging ingredients that replenish your skin and enhance all over smoothness. Contains, vitamins C, E, B3, Arbutin, Grapeseed oil and Glutathione, Collagen, AHA and Acai Berry. The result is irresistible, touchable soft translucent skin."

product description, ingredients, warnings + instructions
Instructions: Apply after bath or shower or anytime, as often as necessary. Gently massage body softener into dry body areas. Allow to remain and soak in several minutes before dressing. Our thick but non-greasy formulation will be absorbed by the dry skin tissues, leaving skin soft, smooth and beautifully moisturized (check Snoe's Facebook here for the complete info.).
equivalent to 3 pea size
Can you believe that the amount in the above picture can already cover my whole arm?  But if you want the moisturizing effect to last long then; as instructed, apply the softener as often as necessary.  It's powder blue in color.  In fact it seems to me like it has powder on it so it gives my body a matted finish whenever I use it. For the scent, smells clean and refreshing and a little minty like toothpaste which I like.
forgive the hairy~ness
Don't worry about the whiteness, it will subside when the softener is massage evenly on skin (approximately 30 seconds).  True it is non-greasy and is quickly absorbed by my skin.

I usually use this softener before I go to work because unlike other lotions, it doesn't make me sweat a lot so I still look clean and dry even after walking for around 30 minutes (brisk walking most of the time).  It does make my skin soft and smooth but since I apply this once only for the whole day, I still haven't achieved the silkiness part.

I have fair skin so I am not after the whitening effect, but I think Snoe White Body Softener helped in lightening the dark pigmentations around my legs and it doesn't irritates my sensitive skin which is a big plus.

Have you tried the Moringa from these softener range?  Share your thoughts, I want to try it too!

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