August 5, 2012

TonyMoly Maxi Power Foot Peeling Liquid

Want to remove dead skin cells, itchiness and bad smell from your feet?  Here's what you need:  Patience, Love for Waiting Game and TonyMoly Maxi Power Foot Peeling Liquid!
Removal of dead skin cells + itch relief + deodorizing + refreshment from fatigue
Maxi Power Foot Peeling Liquid is an upgraded dead cell exfoliation treatment for the foot.  With plant extracts that help in foot hygiene and itchiness, the Maxi Power Foot Peeling Liquid will make the skin of your foot supple by removing thick layers of dead skin cells and preventing them from building up.  And with components such as glycerin and betaine, along with aloe vera juice, an excellent skin moisturizer, the Maxi Power Foot Peeling Liquid will provide moisture and nourishment to your feet.  It also controls sweat and suppress odor.  It keeps the foot as smooth and soft as a baby's.
~kudos for the english instructions~
~Peeling Liquid + Foot Sheets~
Before starting to use this product make sure that you've done with all the things that should be done and have gathered all the things you need.  An hour and a half without doing anything will make the time slow down like forever.  Once you put the peeling liquid on your feet, the waiting game will officially start.
Used Ipod camera in the below photos so they're a bit blurry.
~my feet wrap in plastic socks for a short period of time of one and a half hours (you read it right, 1 hour + 30 minutes) ~ 
After washing your feet thoroughly, you have to wait 4 to 6 days before you can see the peeling effect.  Mine started on the 5th day
after 4 days, my feet started to peel
Warning!  Do not try to peel the skin off purposely.  Chances are you'll peel of the healthy instead of the dead ones and you'll get wounded or (trust me on this) the surface will not be as smooth compared with the skin that peeled naturally (I can't help it, I peeled some).

A little advise:  If you have calluses or corns on your feet, do not cut them just scrub them off.  I cut mine when I was in grade school and I'm still suffering the effect up too now.  Even the peeling liquid didn't completely removed the corns in my feet but they softened and it's easier for me to peel them.  I think even after 2 weeks the peeling liquid is still working as my corns/calluses are still somehow peeling.

Thank you to TonyMoly for this very effective product.  I will also try the Shiny Feet Peeling Liquid soon.

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


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