August 1, 2012

Mask of the Week:Cucumber Essential Mask Sheet Pack

For the past 2 months, I never fail to use a face mask on a weekly  basis (although some use face mask on a daily basis, are you one of them?).  Anyway, I use sleeping pack instead almost every other day for economical reason.

And so I decided to have a new segement....segment???.  Okay not really a segment, but on a weekly basis, I will share /post the mask that I used for the week.

For this week, I tried TonyMoly's Cucumber Essential Mask Sheet Pack.
front"This essential mask sheet pack has been made with our new approach to create change in the ordinary mask packs sold today. This unique mask pack temporarily blocks air out from skin while efficiently transferring the necessary nutrients and moisture deep into the roots of skin. Applying this mask 3-4 times a week will help to fully nourish the skin and keep the skin constantly supple. Cucumber extracts nourish skin and make the skin look bright and clear. Also this mask pack calms the irritated skin and provides moisture the skin lacks. "
~all in Korean~
~illustration on how to use the mask~
Usage: Adhere to the face after facial wash for 15~20 mins. Remove gently and tap with hand on your face for absorption of product.
~blurry, used Ipod camera~
1.  no plastic around the mask 2.  soaking but not dripping wet 3.  thick and strong mask sheet 4.  a total of 9 cuts

I can't smell any cucumber on the essence or mask sheet, the scent is more on the powdery side.  Felt a tingling sensation on the nose and check area of my face and after 15 minutes the the mask started to dry out, I have to press it against my skin in order for it not to fall.  The essence is sticky and feels warm that I want to wash my face after removing the mask sheet.  But I don't want to waste the goodness of the essence so I just let it stay overnight.  The following morning my face feels well moisturize (although still a bit sticky) and looks healthy: bright, clear and supple.

It delivers it's purpose so I'll try this mask again and will just have to bear with the essence's stickiness (good thing it's tolerable that I have slept like a baby).

Till then. Bye!


  1. ilan laman nya? 1 sheet lang po?

    1. oh i see. I'm planning to buy this tsaka sana yung appletox e... :) and cleanser.... is it ok kaya? hindi naman daily used di ba? thank you ^ ^

    2. yup yung appletox once or twice a week lang siya kaya matagal maubos. yung akin 6 months na pero may half full pa. sa mask once a week lang ako gumagamit kasi cant afford ang daily sheet mask hehehe

  2. oo nga. ang mahal x_x""
    hehe... actually mag papabili ako sa bestfriend ko. dito kase province e. gusto ko naman mag try iba.. kaso big NO NO sa matapang masyado na products...

    1. yeah mahal unless nasa korea tapos sale lahat na tipong 10 pesos na lang isang mask. ayokk ko din ng matapang na product pero hindi maiiwasan na mabili dahil sa curiousity lalo pav madami nagsasabi na effective pero recently nadala na ako hahaha

  3. Ponds na Pink yung gamit ko hanggang ngayon kaya mag try lang ako yung iba... pag di kinaya bahala na hehe

    1. hahahaha, basta pag may signs of irritation stop agad


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