September 16, 2012

Spending My Alone Time

Every once in a while; specifically once every quarter year, I spend my alone time to give myself a time to relax and unwind.  It's a hassle to go out of town to skip the buzzling city so instead of packing my clothes,  I just go to the nearby places around the metro starting really early to finish every activity I have in mind within a day.  These three are my usual trip.
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1.  Relax, Slow Down, Unwind
It can be a nice park where you can stroll for a couple of minutes or a church or even a school.  I on the other hand go to a coffee shop, order a cup of joe and pastry and grabbing a newspaper or magazine.  I prefer the newspaper most of the time to keep me updated  even just for the day on what's going on around the world.  It's sound like an old man's habit but it relieves and relaxes me, making my mind clear and slowing down the usually fast life.
2.  Get Amuse
I remember my english book in elementary school and reading the stories from it that most of my classmates won't definitely read.  I remember scanning some parts of the Little Prince although the kid me had a hard time understanding it nevertheless I still read literary stuff and is always delighted with great libraries and bookstores.  When I was in college, I tag along with my siblings to go to a mall and after eating and buying the necessary stuff, we usually visit a bookstore or furniture and home decor shops and art galleries.  These places amuzed us, make us dream and somehow happy.  Although we know we can't have all we see in the shops, our eyes we're filled with artful and beautiful pieces that help us strive more and appreciate life.  Life; although unfair, is good.
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3.  Indulge.  Shop for Bargains
Isn't it a great feeling to get ahold of something really nice with a very affordable price?  And so every time I plan my alone time, I first search the net for places that is having or will held sales and promos.  I can't stop my hoopla whenever I grab something that I need, like and want without the hefty price tag.  Silly, but going home with a bagful of bargain goodies makes me giddy, happy and smart.

Also having "Alone Time"?  Share yours!

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


  1. You should share where you usually spend that alone time. it would inspire your readers to have one too!


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