October 7, 2012

100% Natural Moisturizing Conditioner

Sorry if I've been missing for some days.  I am actually sick, tired, depressed and stressed this week and I'm trying to suppressed these feelings and don't want to reflect them in this post post especially that it's about a product that cares for our crowning glory.
Human Heart Nature 100% Natural Moisturizing Conditioner
100% No Harmful Chemicals Only the Good.
Yep, I started to use natural products on my hair and this one really works for me so I already ordered another 500ml bottle although I haven't finished yet with my first one.
Give your thirsty hair a long and satisfying drink!  Avocado (with Omega-3) is one of the nature's most revitalizing moistirizers, while seaweed restores elasticity and soothes and tones dry scalp without adding excess weight.  Our organic virgin coconut oil adds the final kiss, use with our natural moisturizing shampoo with natural CREAMFoam, which acts like a lotion
100% No harmful Chemicals:  No parabens, phthalates, silicones, feel modifiers, PEGs, PPG or other toxic substances.  Only the Good
I can't believe that I'm feeding my hair with all natural goodness.  And because it's made with no chemicals, the conditioner itself is light and well not as creamy as other conditioners but more liked a whipped cream.
How to use:  After shampoo, apply conditioner directly to hair.  Leave on for a whole song or two for maximum effect then rinse well.
 A song or two sometimes I even leave this conditioner up to three songs and don't mind getting my hair all over my face because it doesn't have the annoying slippery effect.  It's so light that I thought I didn't put enough the first time that I use this conditioner but after rinsing and drying, my hair feels soft,smooth,clean and light(bouncy)!  I like the smell too, it's something tangy probably from the avocado and orange.

Now if you wanted to try this or any other natural conditioner then make sure that you also use natural shampoo and hair treatment because if not then your scalp will be itchy.  Also the first week that I use this, my scalp have this bits of white particles like dandruff and I read that these are from the chemical based products that I used before that are coming off from my scalp.

To know more you can check their website or click here.  This conditioner is also available in  Vanilla Lush variant which I will try/order soon.
Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


  1. awesome review girl! I hope you're feeling better already. ^_^ sending my love to you doll!

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    1. thanks Iya. yeah Im feeling a little better.looking forward to your upcoming giveaway ^_^


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