October 7, 2012

DIY Cotton Mask

Last week while reading and watching Etude House Philippines website and Michelle Phan's vblog, I decided to recreate their DIY masks.

Mask 1: 2 ingredients
a freshner + at least 6 cotton pads
peel and place the soaked cottons pads all over the face
Soak the cotton pads in freshner (a kind of toner that is a little thick than normal).  Here, I used my Etude House' Skin Mal:gum in Deep Moist.

Mask 2: 3 ingredients
toner + emulsion + at least 6 cotton pads
combined the toner and emulsion
Unfortunately I don't have a skin conditioner so I improvised.  I mixed 1 part of toner and 1 part emulsion.  Mixed well then soak the cotton pads then stretch, peel and apply all over the face.  Here, I'm using my Etude House's Skin Mal:gum in Smooth and Nature Republic's Aloe Emulsion.

The result is lovable as it made my skin soft, smooth, bright and refresh.  If you have been given with different kinds of toner and emulsion samples from your purchases, then I think it's the perfect time to use them with this DIY masks.  I'm going to use The FaceShop freebies next time.

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


  1. Great idea! :) I might as well try this :)


    1. thanks :D let me know the result. cute and neat blog by the way..hmmm I think I want to try wordpress too


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