October 12, 2012

TonyMoly Hanbang Mask Sheet Pack Poria Cocos

And here's my mask of the week which I got on sale from TonyMoly.  I hope they have another sale on December which will be the time that I will lift my haul ban.

Hanbang Mask Sheet Pack (Poria Cocos) Chinaroot Greenbrier Rhizome
Provides highly enriched nutrition and intensive moisture on your skin with cotton cellulose (fabric)
"This Hanbang mask pack effectively makes the Hanbang (Korean traditional herbal) ingredients penetrate into the skin and maintain moisture in the skin for a long time. Use this mask 2-3 times a week to clear out skin troubles. In the summertime, keep the pack in the refrigerator to enjoy a more refreshing effect." TonyMoly Global Website
Unlike TONYMOLY Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask, this one has thicker mask sheet.  The essence is also light and not sticky and more refreshing and is as if my whole face is tingling.
back of the mask is in korean
Adhere to the face after facial wash for 15~20 mins. Remove gently and tap with hand on your face for absorption of product.
My face is really hydrated (in a smooth way, not the oily way) especially my nose area which suffered from dryness because I always wiped it for the past few days (I have colds/flu).  Funny how this zap some of my tiny zits and lessen the redness to some of my bumps (although not all) since it's a hydrating mask (probably my breakouts is due to dryness since I sometimes skip putting any moisturizer on my face).  Well, that's what I thought until I read something about Poria Cocos from http://www.naturalwellbeing.com/learning-center/Poria_Cocos

"The Poria cocos is known in traditional Asian medicine to treats dampness, which is beneficial for people who are suffering from Insomnia. The Poria cocos is well known in more traditional Korean folklore as a medicinal herb which is a blessing from the Gods." -naturalwellbeing.com
"Poria cocos is a mushroom which is used in traditional Chinese medicine and has been widely accepted in modern medicine as a treatment for inflammation and as a central nervous system depressant."- naturalwellbeing.com

So that explains the lessening of the redness but how about the hydration?  Here's another site that can maybe help us to understand about the hydration part http://www.gmaherbs.com/pcm.html

"Poria cocos is shown to have anti-inflamatory activity both when taken orally as well as applied topically. Recently, two patents have been approved for the use of Poria cocos in skin treatment creams, one for the treatment of oily skin and acne; the other for sun damaged skin.

In much the same way as with Reishi mushrooms, the women of the Imperial Chinese court used Poria cocos in skin treatments to moisturize, nourish, help prevent pimples and to promote "radiant "skin. Poria cocos is also thought to help prevent dark spots and wrinkles. " -gmaherbs.com

Seems like Poria Cocos is a wonder mushroom, well for me! (hahaha)

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


  1. very informative post! i use mask sheets all the time but only the brightening ones! haven't tried out this one yet :)

    1. thanks! quite shock at how good the mushroom is.


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