October 27, 2012

My Online Purchases!

Yey, finally my online purchases have arrived and I just wanted to share them because it's a first for me.

Let's start with these mask:

TheFaceShop facial mask
I know they are quite a lot.  20 pieces actually because I ordered it when there was a buy 10 take 10 promo from Bae Lu in facebook.  I almost run out of patient though, I think I waited for almost 2 months because it's a pre-order and some holidays in Korea.  Anyway, still very happy when I saw the package in our dining table, patiently waiting for me.

Next is my ebay purchases.  Actually one of my friends ordered these together with her's to save some moolah on shipping fees:
used Ipod to capture these samples so it's a little blurry
Ordered lots of samples to try out from different Korean brands that are new to me like Skin Food, Liole and Missha.

I feel like a kid today because of these packages.  Do you feel the same whenever you received your orders?

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


  1. Nice purchases! Yes I get so excited and feel like a kid when I receive my online orders (^_^)


    1. it's like a present. i can't help but smile and get giddy when i opened the packages :)


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