October 26, 2012

TheFaceShop Real Nature Mask Aloe Vera

Finally, my facial masks online order just arrived.  I have 20 masks from TheFaceShop so expect a lot of facial mask reviews from the said brand.
I'll start with aloe since I need something that will hydrate and soothe my sensitive skin because this crazy weather is giving me skin asthma.
TheFaceShop Real Nature Mask Aloe Vera
A soothing/hydrating mask sheet containing aloe extract, which hydrates and soothes the skin with a rich sense of moisturization, to provide instant care to puffy and and sensitive skin
CAUTION:  Use with caution if you have allergy to adhesive tape.  Do not use on broken or abraded skin.  Discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear.  Keep out of reach of children.  Keep package sealed until use.  Avoid contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water
The words soothe and hydrate were mentioned twice in the short description so I really hope this will provide enough moisture to my thirsty skin.  It has 1000mg of extract from grounded fresh aloe so that's only 10g of essence.  Hmmm  I usually use mask that has at least 20g of essence.  Here's how to use:
Directions:  1.  Pull out a sheet 2.  Unfold and place a sheet on a clean face after cleansing and toner stages 3.  Remove the sheet after 15~20 minutes and let the residue get absorbed deep in the skin
The facial mask itself has 12 cuts, is horizontally elongated that it almost reached my earlobes and is neither thick nor thin.  It doesn't cover the mouth and nose area well.

As for the essence, it smells like a real aloe though it also has a strong alcohol scent when I opened the mask packet.  Good thing it goes away after a minute or two after placing it on my face but can still be irritating for those with sensitive nose.  The essence is oily for me; it's like a dry oil though it's not sticky.

When I take out the facial mask from the packet, it's not dripping wet just okay wet (??? what a term) and there's not much essence left for me to apply on my face for the whole week.  After 10 minutes the outer area of the facial mask started to dry out so I applied all the little extra essence left from the pocket.  You'll know when 20 minutes has elapsed because the mask will start to fall out of the face .

When I removed the mask sheet, my face doesn't feel sticky and heavy and my hands glides easily because the essence is really like an oil.  I have to wait around 15 minutes before my skin fully absorbs the essence and take note, I am in front of a fan.

I woke up with a moisturized face though I am a 50~50 on the soothing part, my pimple on my forehead is still angry in red.  Don't ask me about the puffiness part because I don't have a puffy face to begin with (ahahaha my face actually needed some puffiness, just a little though).

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


  1. what is the best and effective face mask that you've tried?

    1. so far, the one that I got from Sheseido for free is the best face mask that I tried next would be from Innisfree (no particular variant)

    2. *Shiseido White Lucent Power Brightening Mask


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