October 2, 2012

Strip It!

So I'm supposed to post about this yesterday but unfortunately, I don't have enough strength and idea on how to present my review of this product because...I'm not liking it! Surprise, surprise!  Many are raving about this product so I thought it would also work its wonders on me.  *sigh* Anyway, I'll just lay out the necessary information and photos and at the end of this post, I'll put some of my notes.
Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring
Sugaring is also known as Eqyptian wax.  All natural & water-soluble, so it's safe to use on the face, body, bikini area, and even on sensitive skin.
the kit includes the sugar wax, the cloth, a paper with all the details and instructions and a wooden spatula
According to Strip It Facebook page:
"STRIP IT sugaring removes hair from the roots (epilating), thus hair is unseen from 2-4 weeks. With continued use, hair becomes sparser, softer, and finer. That is why it's preferable to shaving or using depilating. Since sugaring adheres tightly to the hair but not the skin as, so there is 50% less pain & discomfort than with other waxes.

Strip It will give you a clear, smooth & light skin. It also exfoliates by stripping off dead skin. It is laced with moisturizer making the skin soft. And the Calamansi lightens the skin!

Strip It is an all natural , water-soluble, and hypoallergenic COLD sugar wax. NO HEATING is required. Get the great benefits of waxing while saving time and money!"

and here's a close up look of the sugar wax
It reminds me of the local counter part of tootsie roll when I was a kid only this one is more on a liquidy side.  I suggest that you mix it first before applying the wax on the desired area. I remember that it's a little jellyish the first time I  used it and I really had a hard time spreading it. If you have low pain tolerance then you might try to spread the sugar wax in the opposite direction of the hair and pull the cloth as close to the skin as possible in the direction of the hair growth.  This technique is actually the opposite of what is in the instructions but I find it more effective and less painful.  Also (as instructed) make sure that the hair is at least 1/4 inch long but better if it's around 1/3 inch.  Don't panic if you see red bumps after waxing.  It's normal and should be gone after an hour.  After the waxing, I used my aloe gel and it somehow help in lessening the redness and swelling of my skin.

Now, reasons why it's not efficient and effective to me:
Two conditions should be meet before and while using this sugaring wax.  First is that the body part that should be wax remain dry for the whole session.  I'm a little sweaty person and I live in a small space so the places that I can have my wax done is in the bathroom and the living room, both of which are warm places even when the fan is on.  Second is you have to be really fast in applying the sugar wax (as the sugar tends to melt) and in pulling the strips of cloth.  As a newbie, I'm not fast enough so I wasted a lot of the product and time waxing the same area over and over again.

Next is that the cloth included in the kit is not durable enough for waxing.  I got really frustrated when I finally got the right technique in pulling the cloth but it can't take the force that I'm exerting and ended up tearing into half while in the middle of the pulling session.  Better to use a real cloth or an old handkerchief.

It can't remove thick hairs so I have to tweeze some and shave the rest.  Yeah, there are lots of stray hair that I ended up shaving my legs.

And lastly, after just 2 days, hair started to grow and ingrown is all over my legs (another *sigh*).

With all of these reasons, I think it's more convenient for me to use depilatory creams.  I'll go back to using TonyMoly's hair removal cream since it's easy and safe to use and I also noticed that the more I use it, the lesser the hair grows (and a bit finer too!).

Thanks for reading!  Till then.  Bye!


  1. I've Strip It before and it worked for me. I used it on my underarm hair. hehe. To prep your skin, you may use baby powder. That will do the trick! :) But I super agree with you, ayoko yung cloth nila. Mas ok pa yung washable Cloth nung Nanny Rose's Queen Bee Honey Wax. :P


  2. yeah the cloth is frustrating. it's for me to use strip ot kasi sanay na ako sa hair removal cream or tamad lang siguro ako ahahaha


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