September 30, 2012

Wake Me Up When September Ends: The Body Shop Haul

Ooops!  I shopped again even if I said in my last post that my haul ban starts but I have reasons, okay.  First is it's still September so I decided that my ban haul will start in October.  Next is it's payday so I have money to spend ahahaha (my lousy reason) and lastly and the very important one is that, it's SALE!
image from The Body Shop, Philippines facebook page
I've been a fan of The Body Shop so I really can't miss out their Pre-Holiday Sale.  Here's what I bagged!
Vitamin E and Duo Floral Acai Body Butters
The Body Butter is the reason why I've been visiting The Body Shop lately.  To date, I have a total of 6 body butters in my closet.  I also wanted to have the Aloe variant but it's out of stock and the Vanilla duo but it's not part of the sale.  I wanted to try the Vitamin E and was so glad that I got the last piece in the shop and fell in love with the Floral Acai's scent.
Peach Body Lotion and Moringa Foaming Bath
Another last piece is the Moringa Foaming Bath and I think it's the only foaming bath that is part of the sale (not 100% sure) but don't worry there are lots of shower gel that is on 40% off.  To avail the 50% off on all my purchases,  I grabbed the Peach Body Lotion (the smell is so delicious).

I noticed that most of the products of The Body Shop are on 10% off.  Some are on 20% to 70% sale and one of them is this Cucumber Cleansing Milk which I got at 30% off the price tag.
Cucumber Cleansing Milk
I really don't need a cleansing milk as of the moment but I can't resist cucumber.  If there's a cucumber lotion that is available, I have surely had put it in my basket without even blinking an eye.

I also finally got my card for free so yehey!  All in all I paid P2,122.50 and just in case, here are the prices of the items:

Vitamin E Body Butter:  original price is P1,050 but got it at P525
Duo Floral Acai Body Butter:  original price is P995 and is now P497.50
Peach Body Lotion:  original price is P695 but I only paid P347.50
Moringa Foaming Bath:  original price is P595 and took it home at a very affordable price of  P297.50
Cucumber Cleansing Milk:  original price is P650 but is now P455 at 30% off

Sorry if I didn't took pictures of the sale items in store but you can check Helen Blas of Lucky Citrine's blog post here (I hope she don't mind me linking her post here).

Promo period is from September 28 to October 25, 2012 so there's still plenty of time to shop for yourself and for your family and friends too as an early christmas gift.  Check their promo poster here and visit the nearest The Body Shop stores to know all the sale items and promos that you can avail.

Thanks for reading.  Happy Shopping! Till then.  Bye!


  1. WOW! I love the body shop!

    new follower here, please do visit and follow my blog, I will be having a giveaway soon.

    1. me too. I now love The Body Shop. thanks for following my blog. will surely check yours and partipate in your giveaway :)

  2. Your sale loot is super sulit and nice! I'm also a body butter addict like you so I love it when they go on sale like that (50% off!). Sure, I don't mind the link! Thanks for mentioning me in your post. :D

    1. Thanks Helen :D I can't believe that the Vitamin E and some duo body butters are also on sale so nagstock na ako...hahaha

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