November 29, 2012

Garnier BB Eye Roll-On

I already accepted the fact that I'm destined to have dark circles (though I started to use an eye cream on the 4th quarter of the year).  I don't bother myself too much hiding them but there are occasions wherein thses dark circles tense to be...well really dark, they make me look old and sick especially when I only have 2 hours of sleep (sometimes I'm wide awake 24 hours) and have to admit that I need something to help me conceal them.

I'm not a fan of concealer (it cakes and most of the time doesn't stick to my skin) and so I ended up using Garnier Light BB Eye Roll-On
Garnier Light BB Eye Roll-On
Instant fairness BB Eye Roll-On
I got this for free (yehey ^_^) when my niece bought the Garnier Light Eye Roll-On.  I don't use this on a daily basis but works really well when I need to cover my dark circles.
with and without the bb eye roll-on
I can't have a clear photo with my eye area so I just use my wrist for the swatch and focus on the vein: the BB Eye Roll-On covered it well with a natural finish.

Garnier claims that it's the first BB eye roll-on that gives you an amazing look and 10 instant visible effects:

2.More radiant

3.More even tone

4.Less dark circles

5.Less dark spots



8.Less tired

9.More hydrated

10.Less visible lines

Its consistency is the same as other face bb creams and has a pleasant non-irritating smell which kind of fades once already on skin.  The container has a roll-onn to dispense the product though  don't roll it in my eyes:   I just usually put two dots on my eye bugs then dab and spread them using my pinky and that's it.  I don't use brush or any other product because it matches and adapts to my skin tone and it doesn't cake and the most important of all is that it hides my dark circles in an instant.

I don't know if it will help in lightening dark circles permanently if used on a regular basis  because I'm lazy to test it and I'm usually in a hurry when I prepare to go to work and well reading the context of the product's box, it doesn't promise any lightening effect but I'm just gonna share this part:

Pure Lemon Essence - Enriched with pure lemon essence, the formula visible removes dullness around the eye area
Mineral Pigments - It conceals imperfection on the eye skin.  Nude Coverage natural effect

I said on the first part of this post that I'm not bothered with my dark circles but if you have a product or routine that can help lighten them, please feel free to share it :)

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


  1. super love this! even my mua friend loves this!



  2. AMAZING REVIEW! Never thought that they have a roll on bb cream! such a hassle free haha! Nice blog, I hope you can visit mine as well! <3

    Take care and stay beautiful!

    1. thanks Shahara, i visited your blog. too bad di pala napost yung comment ko last time (naputol internet)

  3. i'm getting more dark circles now i'm stressed out ;( but it's a handy review, thanks! <3

  4. if you can't find the tea im willing to send a few bags to you :)

    x robin


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