December 17, 2012

I'm Back

I'm back!  I know nobody misses me but I'm back, chocnut!  Reasons for the absence?  Disappearance of a computer to use and haggardness for daily posting.  I want to do blogging on a daily basis but my chubby body can't do it.  Oh well, here's what I've been up to lately.
top photo from A Beautiful Mess
bottom photo from The Fat Kid Inside
I love sweets; cakes and pastries, so I'm trying to bake some goodies for myself and my family and started with vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting then cakepops.  A little modification to the  ingredients and some more tool and the two will be perfect.  As per the cooking, well my chef brother is currently not present in the house so I'll do a lot of the cooking, I'm looking some recipes in The Fat Kid Inside and Ang Sarap.
top photo from A Beautiful Mess
bottom photo from Twinings
Tea, a substitute to my coffee since coffee can't maker me sleep (I love coffee but I guess the feeling is not mutual).  It's weird at first when I drink a hot cup of tea since I'm used to cold Milk Tea and Iced Tea but I begun to love it and is now looking for different kinds of tea.

Because of the planner, I'm now spending a little more just to get a stamp.  One more to go and freedom,i mean planner will be mine. Since I'm avoiding to drink coffee (as much as possible), I tried Double Chocolate which is super chocolatey but have to drop the whip cream next time and Matcha Green Tea Swirl which I think many will not like at first.  It's like eating grass with milk but I still like it! Yummy!


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