November 6, 2012

LipIce Sheer Color

In 1988, a Japanese Health Care Company bought the The Mentholatum Company, Inc. founded in 1889 by Albert Alexander Hyde.  Mentholatum Oitment, Mentholatum Deep Heating Rub and Mentholatum Lip Care are the company's top three products.  The Mentholatum Company, Inc. is also the maker of LipIce.
LipIce Sheer Color
"Want some MAGIC to cheer up your day? Put on Sheer Color on your lips. It changes to PINK on your lips. Different pink on different lips."
Li Ice Sheer Color have 2 variants: strawberry and fragrance-free.  I have the strawberry and it really smells like strawberry.
"Having natural ingredients like Beeswax, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Oil Extract moisturizes lips, making them soft and chap free. Use LipIce Sheer Color to add a little tint while still giving your lips that extra moisture it needs for the day!"
Happy that the expiration date is indicated.  I have a lip balm that doesn't have expiry date printed on the packaging and now thinking that I should already dispose it since I forgot when I first used it.
this is how LipIce Sheer Color looks like on a piece of tissue
pardon but this is how it looks like on my lips
I like that it always give my lips a natural pinkish- just bitten color and shine, perfect for a girl like me who is not a fan of highly pigmented lipstick and lip gloss.  It has a light moisturization effect so reapplication is needed every hour.  Most of the time, I first apply a very moisturizing lip balm, then swipe LipIce a couple of times and then top coat it with; again, the very moisturizing lip balm to lock-in the moisture and color for up to 4 hours.
how the balm looks like
I can't show you the full content because the packaging is broken when I dropped it once and have to manually push the lip balm down in order for it to go back to it's silver casing.  Just a caution: if you are allergic to chapstick or have sensitive lips then don't use this.  Mine is actually my sister's but gave it to me after little spots with water inside appeared after a couple of days of using it and her lips had the same reaction with chapstick.
"Keep your lips moisturized, looking soft and beautiful with LipIce Sheer Color ♥ It goes from clear to sheer and gives a unique pink shade that perfectly matches your tone. Choose from Strawberry or Fragrance Free variant." -LipIce Philippines
Overall, I like the pigment of LipIce Sheer Color but Mentholatum should really do something to it's moisturization side because after a month of using it, my lips started to feel dry and sensitive.

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


  1. I love lip ice's lip balms but I haven't tried their tinted balms. I should prolly soon. :) Thanks for sharing!



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