November 7, 2012

Snoe White Oatmeal Scrub

It's been a long time since I posted a Snoe product probably because the remnants of magic Apple is still fresh in my memory and there's still some evidences left in my body.  But I have to exfoliate my skin and this cute bottle is just lying steadily on my closet and thought that maybe it's time to put it in the bathroom.

Snoe White Exfoliating Oatmeal Milk Whitening Scrub
The two main ingredients are Oatmeal and Milk
label at the back
from Snoe's official website
So it's a salt scrub with real oats and walnut shells.  I just hope that Snoe infused the oatmeal extract in the salt but I'm not seeing it in the list of ingredients.  The oatmeals are kind of useless because it just fall off my skin unless I put some water first in the scrub before applying it on my skin.  Anyway, I love the smell of this scrub as the combination  of ingredients reminds me of a vanilla cake, yummy!
small scoop inside
Yes, there's a small scoop which is not really a useful thing to me.  I'm not aware of the scoop because it's buried inside.  Almost 1/4 cup of scrub fall off the ground (wasted) when I pulled the scoop so be careful.  I think since this is already in a plastic bottle, it's better to just pour it in the hands.
salt scrub+oatmeal+wallnut shells
All the salt scrubs that I used leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft and this one also has the same effect.  Not sure with the whitening part since I already have fair skin but I think it helps in whitening some darker areas of my body like my elbows and knees.  Caution: do not use this if you have open and newly healed wounds, it will surely sting and if signs of irritation occur, please discontinue using it (I learned this the hard way).
Thinking that salt scrub is too harsh for the skin?  Then why not mix 1 part of this scrub to 1 part of lotion.

I love the handy bottle and smell of this scrub but if I compare it's price to other salt scrubs that has the same effect, then this I think is a bit expensive at P349 for 300ml and the only reason why I got this is the oatmeal part (which disappoints me) which has been really good to my face.

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


  1. Heard so much about this brand but never tried anything from them! Maybe this one will be my first! Thanks for the review!!

    The Misty Mom

  2. yeah Snoe s making a lot of buzz and they constantly expanding their product range, just a bit sad that they are also getting pricier. thanls for dropping by :)


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