November 23, 2012

TonyMoly Tea Tree Mask

It's the time of the month again when I can't help but to have breakouts because of hormonal imbalance (well that's what they say).  My boyfriends I mean guy friends (I do not have a boyfriend) once ask me and my girlfriends why we have pimples and always feel irritated when we have our monthly periods and all we can say is "hormonal imbalance".

So again, I grabbed something that has tea tree because many claims it to have antiseptic property that can treat wounds and skin infections/problems so I guess it can help my minor breakout and allergy (hmmm someone sneak something into my food??)
Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask Teatree
Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask made of 100% Pulp Fabric locks moisture on face and provides better absorption for skin for a longer period of time with its silky texture. Contains herbal Tea Tree extract, well-known for its trouble care effects, to help to keep the skin free from troubles and fair with no irritation.
Surprisingly, this doesn't have very strong smell like other products that has tea tree though it smells like Italian spice and dish washing soap combined.

As usual of TonyMoly's mask, the mask sheet is thin and have just enough essence which I like because I can walk around the house without the fear of the mask sheet falling off my face.  As for the essence, well it's not as sticky as the other masks from TonyMoly that I tried but I still have to pat my face in order for the essence to sink into my skin.

I pricked some of my bumps before using this mask so I feel some "spiciness" while the mask is on.  The moment I wake up, of course I go directly to the mirror to see the effect and my face looks glossy and some of my zits got zapped and my bumps are less red.  The glossiness disappeared though after washing my face.

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!

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