November 22, 2012

Baviphat Charcoal Pore Tightening Nose Patch

After using a nose patch, I thought of also using something that can tighten my pores.  So after rummaging my ebay haul, I decided to use Baviphat Charcoal Pore Tightening Nose Patch because it has the word "tightening" in it's name and thought that it should be use after using a nose patch to tighten the pores.  Except for the title in front, everything is in korean and it's hard to find a site that describes this product so I went ahead and use this a day after using Lioele's.
Baviphat Charcoal Pore Tightening Nose Patch for Pore Therapy
photo by my sister
Eck, I was wrong because this works like any other nose patch which aims to remove whiteheads, blackheads and excess sebum.  According to the sellers ebay site, it's a pore strip to remove blackhead.

Here's how to use the patch according to behappywithme
1. After washing, wet nose area sufficiently.
2. Remove clean film on sheet with dry hand, and apply smooth side onto nose.
3. Press lightly from ridge to sides, and leave it to dry.
4. When it becomes dry, peel off from sides and wash lightly with toner or water.

Surprisingly, the smell of this one is not as strong as Lioele's or Watson's although some parts of the patch is not properly covered with charcoal.  Anyway, here's the result:  sorry but please endure the nasty picture
can't believe at how dirty  my nose is
Even after using a nose patch and tweezing some blackheads the other day, there are still blackheads and whiteheads left behind and Baviphat's nose patch pulled them.  Although I think there are still deep seeded blackheads, my nose looks clearer now (unless I use a magnifying glass).  Pore tightening? A little but I still think that I need to use a pore tightening essence but I don't want to add another product to my current skincare routine so i'll just use a nose patch once a month and for a couple of days, use some sample pore tightening essence (to save time and money ~teehee~).

By the way, Baviphat Charcoal Pore Tightening Nose Patch costs me P29.

Thanks for reading.  Till then. Bye!

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