November 13, 2012

Vanilla Lush

To compliment my 100% Natural Moisturizing Shampoo, I also changed my shampoo to something natural.  Right now, I'm using Human Nature's Vanilla Lush Shampoo.
Natural Moisturizing Shampoo with CREAMFoam in Lush Vanilla
"Whether it's super straight, romantic waves, hair in every trendy shade - we've done it all.  But at what price?  Dry, damaged hair!  Say goodbye to chemicals and start your hair rescue with our Natural Moisturizing Shampoo."
CREAMFoam technology according to Human Nature acts like a lotion to soften and nourish the hair.
The Philippine Coco nectar part for me is very inviting as I grew up putting coconut milk or coconut oil to my hair and it does make my hair strong and shiny.
back part
The scent of this one is so vanilla to me. It's like the vanilla extract that my mom used to put in leche flan (egg pudding): it's a funky vanilla rather than the sensual type.  It's consistency is more liquidy than normal  chemical based shampoo.  It doesn't produce lots of bubbles but still cleanses my hair and scalp well that I only use it every other day.
Expect some itchiness and hair fall when your a first time user of natural or organic hair products.  It took two weeks for my hair and scalp to get used to my current shampoo and conditioner.  Also, once you start using organic hair products, you have to stop or lessen your usage of non-organic treatments and products as it will make the itchiness and hair fall recurring.  Well, that's what I observed.

It's weird at first that the shampoo doesn't produce a lot of bubbles.  I remember shampooing twice just to make sure that my hair is cleansed but got the hung of it after a week since even without the bubbles, my hair still feel clean and fresh.  What makes me more happy about this shampoo is that it doesn't have harmful ingredients like SLS/SLES, ALS/ALES, PEGS, parabens, phthalates or silicones.
from human nature set-oct 2012 catalogue
To get  a clearer view of the mentioned harmful ingredients, please visit or Human Nature's official website at

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


  1. I understand you're trying to help people but I get so sad when I see scare-mongering about "danger" in chemicals. I don't trust this source at all. They say things like "Parabens are linked to cancer", which is really vague in reality, even though it doesn't sound like it is. There was a study that found parabens in breast cancer cells but it's not clear why they were there or if they were related at all. It's like saying blood is linked with cancer (because it's found in tumors) so we should avoid blood.

    Thanks for trying to keep an eye on things, it's always good to question.

  2. hi cake pie thanks for dropping by. most of my blog post are about product reviews and as much as possible i include the details; be it bad or good the description of the product or how the company markets them. i also read other sources well paraben is still under study up to now but if i remember the study states that it's possible that the tumors found in breast cancer is caused by the parabens from deodorant although it's still under study. dont get me wrong, i have products that still have those what other claims to be harmful but if i don't include these details then this will not be my blog anymore

    1. Yeah I had read that about deodorant, it seemed like that was a plausible way for them to get in there considering most women studied shave their underarms.

      I like your blog so don't worry I wasn't attempting to give harsh criticism or anything of that nature, I just used to inconvenience myself a lot and was petrified of parabens until I started researching them, and I don't think I'm alone, a lot of people are scared, so I'm just trying to present the calmer aspect of this concern.

      As for now, I don't mind parabens. After all, we eat them as they are naturally occurring in foods (even blueberries) so until I see good science discouraging me, I will just slather those right on, lol.

  3. such an interesting product, looks promising too :) Vanilla scent is always amazing. thanks for sharing <3

    1. thanks :D i tend to love products that has vanilla scent


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