November 12, 2012

How do you take care of your crowning glory?

To be honest, my hair is the least of my concern...well before.  Especially when I'm still studying, I step-out of the house with wet or uncombed hair and my older sister's scold me whenever they see my unruly strands.  Through my sisters' bugging, I slowly become aware of my hair needs but I want a quick fix so I go for treatments like coloring and rebonding  leaving some parts of my hair dry and coarse which is partly my fault because I never treated my hair right.  Aside from laziness, I also thought that I have to regularly go to salon and buy products to have a shiny, beautiful hair which involves a lot of moolah (yikes!).

So how to really take care of the care in a simple?  Well, here are some ways and tips that I found (of course) from the web world.
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Think of protein, colorful fruits and vegetables in nourishing the hair.  Eating protein rich foods like egg, fish and dairy products will help in keeping your hair grow full of life.

Healthy scalp can equate to healthy hair too so eat lots of fruits and vegetables and other food that are rich in Vitamins A, B and C like tomatoes, apples and green leafy vegetables.
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How to wash your hair depends on what type strands you have.
Wash your hair daily if you have fine or oily hair.
Coarse or dry hair just need to be wash every second or third day.
Every other day washing is best for those with normal hair.

Since I live in a tropical country, I can't help but sweat and sweat attracts dirt and pollution that makes my body and hair, well dirty so daily washing of hair can't be avoided and I greatly rely on shampoo and conditioner.  Here's some simple tips in choosing the right one.

Choose hydrating and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner when you have coarse/dry hair.
Clear shampoo and lightweight conditioner are perfect for those with fine/oily hair.
If you have normal hair type then congratulations, you can use whatever pleases you.
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I do a lot of don'ts in handling my hair.  Bear the following in mind when handling your hair.

Wet Hair
Hair is prone to breakage when it's wet so don't rub it in removing excess water instead blot it with the towel.  Also, avoid sleeping with wet hair, it can damage it and you will also wake -up with an unruly hair.

Dry Hair
Metal fasteners can tangle, cut and cause split ends to your hair so use an elastic band that doesn't have one. Use a wide tooth comb first to remove the tangles before brushing to avoid hair breakage.

It's nice to touch the hair especially when it's soft and smooth but excessive touching can transfer the dirt from your hand to your strand that can probably make your hair oily so try to avoid doing it.

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!

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